Media Innovation Summit Ignites Discussions On Media Landscape For Africa

Media Innovation Summit Ignites Discussions On Media Landscape For Africa

The MTN Media Innovation Summit, a highly anticipated event hosted by the University of Johannesburg in collaboration with the School of Media and Communications at Pan Atlantic University, Nigeria, brought together experts and thought leaders from the world of media to delve into the dynamic landscape of media innovation as well as media business opportunities in Africa.

The summit, held on Monday, 18th September, 2023 in Johannesburg, South Africa, served as a beacon of insight into the rapidly evolving sphere of media across the African continent. Distinguished professionals and visionaries in the field came together to share their wisdom and perspectives on media innovation, setting the stage for transformative change.

The event featured captivating welcome speech by Professor Sarah Gravett, Deputy Vice Chancellor, Research & Internationalization, University of Johannesburg, as well as panel discussions and keynote addresses by Prof. Nixon Kariithi, CEO, Tangaza Africa Media; William Bird, Director, Media Monitoring Africa; Prof. Mandle Radebe, Director, Centre for data and digital communications, University of Johannesburg, and Prof. Admire Mare, Associate Professor, School of Communications, University of Johannesburg.

The interactive sessions explored a wide range of topics, including: Business Journalism, Cultural Diversity, Socio-Economic Reporting and Development Journalism.

Reggy Maolusi, a member of the South African national editors forum highlighted a concerning trend during the summit. He shared that there has been a close to about 50% decline in the number of journalists in South Africa. This decline underscores the challenges faced by the media industry in the region.

Omoniyi Kaka, Head of Media, Black House Media, reflecting on the event, shared: “The MTN Media Innovation Summit was a truly enriching experience. It underscored the pivotal role of the media in shaping the future of Africa. It’s not just about reporting news but also about how the media can drive positive change and innovation.”

Award-winning journalist Pontsho Pilane from The Mail and Guardian challenged the traditional role of journalists, highlighting the importance of skill development beyond the confines of journalism itself.

The MTN Media Innovation Summit provided a unique platform for networking, idea sharing, and collaboration among media professionals, academics, and enthusiasts. It showcased the pivotal role of media in shaping the future of Africa.

Participants left the event inspired, armed with fresh insights, and ready to embark on a journey of innovation in the ever-evolving world of media.


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