Lucrative Businesses You Can Do During Yuletide

Lucrative Businesses You Can Do During Yuletide

Business owners love festive seasons due to the high demand for goods and services. This boosts their sales and helps them end the year with big pockets.

Have you ever wondered how to make money during the yuletide? What businesses you can do?

There are several businesses that you can consider if you want to make money during Christmas apart from the tips you receive from family members or when you share food to your neighbours in Nigeria.

Lucrative Businesses You Can Do During Yuletide

Hamper ‘gift basket’

Christmas is all about the birth of Christ and giving. If you can make gift baskets and are quite creative about what to put in each basket, it is high time you consider going into this business during the holidays to earn some extra cash.

Your gift basket could also include one-of-a-kind crafts and items that distinguish your company from the competition.

Event planning

What’s a festive season without a party? People hold parties to celebrate the festive season and some even fix their parties during that season.

If you are very good at planning events then advertise your services through different platforms. Check out other event planners, what they are doing and if possible offer something more unique.


Do you have a niche for entertainment? Taking up the role of a host is another great idea.

If you are very good at hosting, entertaining, a plus would be singing and dancing. Check to see how many parties are likely to be held in your neighborhood and how many you would like to get paid to host.

Serviced apartments

Vacations are common during the festive period and vacationers look for cool spots to hangout and apartments to use. If you have a nice apartment you can temporarily rent it as a vacation spot.

This will fetch you money, however you need to make sure that your apartment is attractive and in a secured area.

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