Kemi Irinoye Foundation Holds Summit For Christian Entrepreneurs

Kemi Irinoye Foundation Holds Summit For Christian Entrepreneurs

Kemi Irinoye Foundation- a non-governmental organization committed to supporting entrepreneurial skills in Nigeria, recently held an inaugural summit for Christian entrepreneurs at Victoria Court, Bodija in Ibadan, Oyo State.

The event themed “Building an Outstanding Business” featured business experts such as Kemi Irinoye, Sanmi Abiodun, and Yemi Omotunde as speakers while 50 others attended as participants.

Speaking at the occasion, convener of the summit, Mrs. Kemi Irinoye emphasized the need for business owners to build their businesses to serve not just themselves but God’s agenda.

She noted that it was important for entrepreneurs to uphold business principles and godly standards in their transactions.

Also speaking, a Human Relations Professional who is also the Chief Operating Officer, Wiseki Technologies, Mr. Sanmi Abiodun explained that the success of any business endeavor lies with having the right team.

Drawing an inference from the life of Jesus as an astute businessman whose ministry has outlived his time on earth, Abiodun stated that business owners have the utmost duty to do proper checks during recruitment exercises for their organizations.

Another guest speaker, Mr. Yemi Omotunde stressed the need for entrepreneurs to chase after influence as against their unrelenting quest for money.

At the end of it all, the event was a highly impactful session as business owners had all the freedom to discuss issues peculiar to their business while the speakers and other special guests provided insights and answers to burning questions.


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