InterswitchSPAK 5.0: Celebrating Another Milestone In Supporting STEM Education

InterswitchSPAK 5.0: Celebrating Another Milestone In Supporting STEM Education

In the dynamic world of STEM education and innovation, one remarkable initiative, InterswitchSPAK National Science Competition, continues to ignite the passion for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) among secondary school students in Nigeria and beyond.

From its inception, InterswitchSPAK, an initiative of Interswitch Group, has grown to become a beacon of inspiration for young African minds, nurturing their talent and encouraging them to explore the wonders of STEM as the key to delivering the Africa of their dreams. Following the completion of a successful first edition in Nigeria in 2018, the initiative was introduced to schools in Kenya the following year.

This year’s edition – InterswitchSPAK 5.0 marks a significant milestone in the timeline of this laudable initiative which has played a crucial role in encouraging young students to pursue STEM careers, providing a platform for them to showcase their talent and compete for exciting prizes, including university scholarships.

The success of past winners is a testament to the profound impact of the InterswitchSPAK competition. From the University of Lagos to Texas A&M University and Howard University, both in the USA, winners of the competition continue to shine like bright stars across the globe, spurred on by their passion and drive, and by the support they have received from Interswitch.  

InterswitchSPAK 5.0 promises to be even more impactful with an expanded prize pool. The competition is open to all senior secondary school students between the ages of 14 and 17, currently enrolled in public and private schools in Nigeria. Contestants will go through various qualifying rounds, including online assessments, leading up to the grand finale where the finalists will compete for the ultimate prize.

The winner of InterswitchSPAK 5.0 will receive the grand prize of N7.5 million in scholarships for a five-year period, a laptop, and monthly stipends. The second-place winner will be awarded N4 million in scholarships for three years, a laptop, and monthly stipends.

In addition, the third-place winner will receive N1 million in scholarships for one year, along with monthly stipends and a laptop. The top three winners will also be entitled to mentoring and internship opportunities at Interswitch, as well as other exciting prizes.

Interswitch Group continues to showcase its unwavering dedication to promoting STEM education in Nigeria and across Africa. By celebrating five years of excellence in advancing STEM, Interswitch Group exemplifies its vision of an Africa empowered by young innovators.

As the remarkable journey continues, Interswitch eagerly anticipates the success stories that will unfold from this year’s competition. The impact these young innovators will have on the future of Nigeria and beyond is immeasurable, and Interswitch Group is proud to be a part of their journeys.

Registration for the competition is on until the 16th of June. For registration details, click here.


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