inDrive Emerges Leading Intra-City Transportation Provider In Nigeria Customer Service Index

inDrive To headline Lagos Startup Week 2024 As Sponsor

inDrive has emerged as the leading organization in the intra-city transportation sector in the recently released Nigeria Customer Service Index (NCSI). Attaining the highest positive perception for customer service, inDrive has secured the top position with an impressive 60% positive opinion on customer service, affirming its prominent role within the subsector.

The NCSI is a comprehensive platform addressing service delivery imbalances in Nigeria,and its annual report, spotlighted top organizations in the transportation sector.

“The evaluation, based on feedback from a substantial number of respondents covering 70 organizations across aviation, inter-state, and intracity subsectors, underscores inDrive’s outstanding performance. Operating in five Nigerian cities, the platform has solidified its leadership position in the Transportation sector. This recognition follows inDrive’s global achievement as the world’s second most downloaded ride-hailing app in 2023.

inDrive is firmly focused on leveraging its strategic position in Nigeria and maximizing the effectiveness of its “name your price” business model. The primary goal is to challenge injustices within the transportation sector, placing particular emphasis on providing affordable alternatives and expanding income opportunities for individuals. The steadfast dedication to this mission has been a key factor driving the notable success of the organization in Nigeria.

“Being recognized as the leading organization in Nigeria’s intra-city transportation sector is not just an accomplishment; it’s a testament to the dedication and hard work of the entire inDrive team.

“This achievement in the Nigeria Customer Service Index reinforces our commitment to providing exceptional service. While we celebrate our position as the best, we remain steadfast in our determination to increase positive feedback for our customers”- Timothy Oladimeji, inDrive’s Senior Business Development Representative, Nigeria.


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