Fuel Scarcity And Inflation- How All Nigerians Can Survive This Times

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Nigerian’s Listen, we all know the struggle is real right now. Fuel queues longer than Nollywood red carpets, prices spiking like Davido’s concert fees, and inflation making your salary cry like a child denied sweet.

But before you throw your hands up and declare “Naija don finish!”, hold tight, because your favourite Bizwatch Nigeria is here with some gbas gbos on how we, the resilient Nigerians, can survive this wahala.

Fuel Scarcity: From Driving To Trekking

Okay, let’s address the elephant in the filling station – the fuel scarcity. Look, I ain’t gonna sugarcoat it. This thing dey pain. But instead of lamenting, let’s get smart.

1. Public Transport is Bae: Remember Danfo? Remember Lagbus? Those things ain’t so bad anymore, especially compared to the cost of filling your tank. Plus, imagine the leg workout you’ll get from trekking short distances. Think of it as Naija-style cardio, free of charge!

2. Carpool is Cool: Dust off that cousin you haven’t seen since Christmas and share fuel costs. Better yet, start a carpool with your neighbours or colleagues. You’ll save money, reduce traffic, and maybe even make some new friends (unless your carpool partner is that loud uncle who sings along to Fuji music).

3. Get Crafty: Remember your primary school days, making bicycles from empty cans? Time to unleash your inner MacGyver! Invest in a bicycle, learn to skateboard, or even consider rollerblading (safety first, though!). Who knows, you might become the next TikTok sensation with your fuel-saving skills.

Inflation Pains: From Designer To Chinko

Now, let’s talk about inflation. Everything from tomatoes to textbooks is costing an arm and a leg. But fear not, Naija spirit strong!

1. Budget Like a Boss: Ditch the impulse buying. Write a list, stick to it, and avoid those overpriced “everything must go” sales. Remember, even small savings add up. Treat yourself occasionally, but make sure it’s within your budget. Think “ofada rice and jollof” instead of “lobster and champagne,” at least for now.

2. Local Love: Forget designer labels and embrace the awesomeness of Nigerian brands. From Ankara styles to Aba-made shoes, we have amazing talent right here. Support local businesses, save money, and rock some unique Naija swag.

3. Grow Your Own: Ever heard of “farm to table”? Well, let’s make it “balcony to pot belly”. Plant some pepper, tomatoes, or even spinach in that small space you have. Fresh, healthy food, and you get the satisfaction of saying “I grew this myself!”

4. Hustle Harder, Smarter: This one’s tough, but sometimes, you gotta hustle extra hard. Look for freelance gigs, learn a new skill, or even start a small side business. Remember, every little bit helps in these times.

Remember, We Are One Nigeria:

Look, the situation dey tough, but we Nigerians are known for our resilience, creativity, and ability to turn wahala into opportunity. Let’s use this time to support each other, be resourceful, and find innovative ways to survive. We’ve overcome challenges before, and we will overcome this one too. Remember, this is just a temporary setback, not the end of the story. So chin up, Naija! We go survive this, and come out stronger than ever. And who knows, maybe we’ll even invent a new fuel-efficient dance move in the process!

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