India Moves To Strengthen Ties With Nigeria

India Moves To Strengthen Ties With Nigeria

The Indian high commissioner to Nigeria, Gangadharan Balasubramanian said that Nigeria and India are moving to strengthen ties in areas of fintech, artificial intelligence, scientific development and solar energy.

Balasubramanian, India’s newly-appointed envoy, during the commemoration of India’s 76th Independence Day, on Monday in Abuja, said this would further strengthen bilateral ties between both countries.

He noted that the trade and economic relations between India and Nigeria have been very strong, with over 135 Indian companies operating in Nigeria.

The volume of trade between both countries has increased on both sides after the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The trade volume between India and Nigeria was $14.95 billion in 2021. The trade volume has increased substantially after COVID-19, both ways,” Balasubramanian said.

“India is a major importer of oil from Nigeria. Nearly about $10 billion worth of oil is being imported from Nigeria.

“India also exports various issues from agricultural products, to petroleum products, to pharmaceuticals, to textiles.

“So, there is a large possibility of increasing this trade and economic cooperation between our two countries.”

Balasubramanian said since 1958, when the two countries established diplomatic ties, their relationship has remained one of the best.

“Since then, our relationship has developed in multi-various ways, almost in all places,” he added.

“Human capacity development is one of the most important areas in which we are concentrating on.

“And we are very happy that with the assistance and cooperation of successive Nigerian government, we can now say that our relationship is very strong and very cordial.”

Balasubramanian added that the two countries have established positive military cooperation, including training of military personnel.

India has reinstated its commitment to continue partnering with Nigeria.


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