Important Guidelines on How to Migrate to Canada

Migrate to Canada

In this short article, I will discuss 3 critical things that anyone who is really serious about successfully and legally moving to Canada as a permanent resident needs to have solid answers to before leaving.

Having these answers will not only help in processing everything smoothly in as little as the next 10 to 12 months (that is if you are serious) but will also help you to live a happy and prosperous life when you get there.

 Recent events in this country have gotten to a point where I have finally decided to look elsewhere for a much better life for my family.

So, if you are like me, and have this type of strong desire to create much better life and living conditions for yourself and your family outside the shores of this country legally,

 I suggest you pay close attention to the things am going to discuss. Ok with that out of the way, let’s dive into the main gist.

Once I made the decision to move, the very first country that came to my mind was Canada. Before now I have been about hearing a lot of stories about Canada.

You probably have heard them too.

But, I wanted to be really sure that all these things were actually true and not just some exaggerated hype, before I even start doing anything.

I immediately recalled that I have a friend who has been there for about 4 to 5 on post graduate studies.

So I quickly chatted him up on WhatsApp. From our conversion, it turns out that most of the things I have been hearing about Canada were not rumours.

But I wasn’t satisfied, I also wanted to hear from a Nigerian who is already living there as a permanent resident.

So I started researching.

One day while browsing through the net, I accidently stumbled on a site owned a Nigerian who has living in Canada as a permanent resident since 2017.  

 He actually started trying to relocate since 2010. After wasting so much time and money trying to do what most people do this type of situation, and that is using agents, he decided to take matters into his own hands.

This led to cycle of trial and error and so many mistakes. Eventually he succeeded and left NIgeria in 2017.

From his experience, he was able to put together a very simple process that any Nigerian can follow and be in Canada in as little as 12 months while also avoiding all the mistakes he made.

I told myself if there’s anyone to listen to, it’s this man.

He offered a free video presentation about the whole thing on his site. I consumed this presentation about 5 times.

And, finally I was able to get much in depth and satisfactory answers to all the questions I had.

In fact, the things I got from this presentation about how Canada actually was and how they treat legal immigrants were actually more mind blowing than what I have been hearing.

Here are few of them:

 They have free high quality public schools for children: The Canadian government pours a lot of funds and resources into making their public schools top notch.

 These public schools are free up to the equivalent of SS3 over there and also available to children of permanent residents as well.

This means no more paying N200k+ for fees of a child who is not even in the university yet, with much more quality education.

– They give parents monthly stipend for child support: I didn’t know it’s even possible for a government of a country can do this for her citizens let alone immigrants.

 Am talking about as much as the equivalent of N250k+ per month depending on how many kids one has and how old they are.

– They have High quality and very affordable health care: Equipped with up to date facilities and well trained professionals.

 And it’s so cheap it’s almost free.

Nothing like leaving people to die because there was no money to deposit for the person to start receiving treatment which is a very common situation here in Nigeria.

 They help new immigrant settle in through what is called Rent assist: The government actually helps you settle in your first year after arrival by paying part of your rent.

 And so much more that I can’t go into right now.

(By the way, if you are interested in the presentation am talking about, am going to tell you how to get access to it at the end of this article).

After learning all these things, I was already more than convinced that Canada is exactly where I would love my kids to grow up.

 The 3 questions to find answers to make things move smoothly

 These 3 important things are what I consider to be the 3 important things anyone who is serious about moving to Canada should know in order for things to move smoothly:

Question 1: How does the Canadian government decide who they give permanent resident permit to and how do I qualify to be taken?

 The entire Canada immigration program is based around what is called a CRS point.

This is a grading cut off mark like JAMB that they assign to applicants based on a number of factors.

This point changes every month. It’s not a constant thing. The main thing here is being able to a get high enough CRS point at the time of application.

 Question 2: How much the whole process will cost?

 From what I have learnt so far here are the breakdown of some of the most important expenses involved in the process:

– The permanent resident application fee – This is about $550 for an adult and $150 for children.

– The IELTS exam – As at the time of writing this article this costs N75,000 per person. If you are going with your wife then she will have to write the test as well.

– Plane tickets – Since this changes a lot you can easily find this out yourself and calculate how much you will need to cover for everyone that’s going with you.

These are some of the major expenses. There may be other small small expenses along the way.

Question 3How will I survive when I get there?

 Now, like every other country, Canada doesn’t a charity economy. You need to have something to offer their economy so you can pay your taxes.

So the question is what will you do to sustain yourself and live a prosperous life once you get there?

During my research, I read stories of Nigerians who are professionals such as doctors doing menial jobs there because canada didn’t really honour their degree.

The point am trying to make is, be absolutely sure of how you will earn a living when you get there: 

  • Will your degree and work experience will be worth employment when you get there?
  • What are the other options they have?       
  • Do you need write some type of professional exam to make you employable?

It’s very important to have concrete answers to this questions before stepping out.

This is something that most agents will tell you in spite of the outrageous amounts they charge.  

OK, that’s it.

I have tried my best here to summarize these 3 very important things in this article but honestly, am just scratching the surface here.

Because of how long this article is getting, I can’t really go in depth into everything you need to know so that you don’t waste time and money doing unnecessary things or even be cheated by greedy agents.

So, what I will do now is direct you to the free online presentation I mentioned earlier, which is the same presentation that helped me get my own relocation process on track.

This presentation covers the 3 critical things I have explained briefly in this article in much more detail.

I strongly recommend this presentation to anyone who is serious about moving to Canada,

Because not only will it show you exactly what to do to get yourself ready in the next 10 to 12 months but will also know exactly how to live prosperously once you get there.

If this is something that interests you, click here to watch it now.

Source: Relocate info Ng

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