How I Enjoyed My NYSC Camp With ₦1, 500 Average Daily Spendings

How I Enjoyed My NYSC With ₦1, 500 Average Daily Spendings

When I got my call-up letter to report to Nnamdi Azikiwe National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Permanent Orientation camp in Umuamulu, Anambra State, I had no idea how much fun I would have until I arrived at the facility.

From the point of filing forms to document my presence to registering with the scheme officials I have reported for the commencement of the one-year scheme, I was hit by the spending reality at every point, such that it quickly dawned on me that I might not have a good time without having a certain daily budget to cater for my needs and want.

Having filled the forms I was mandated to fill out on my arrival at the NYSC camp, I started feeling hungry, and in no time, I found my way to the Maami Market.

I felt excited just merely looking at the various spots I could settle myself in to either eat, or relax. While I quickly ushered my way to one of Mama Ngozi’s restaurant, where I had my first meal at the camp, I didn’t realise what it would cost me until I was done.

Like a viral skit you might have seen on social media, after eating to satisfaction, I stood up to make payment. Then, it dawned on me that this wasn’t my usual spot in Berger, Lagos, where I came from.

This was because I was told the meal I had, which shouldn’t cost more than ₦500, had me pay ₦1,200 to my great surprise. Although I was disappointed, I had to grudgingly make the payment.

It was then I knew why it’s significant for me to have ideas on the cost of a product or service before indicating my interest in it. Contrary to what I was told, I had a good time at the camp, such that I catered for my peers too.

Wondering how I was able to do that? Well, I didn’t rob anyone or do something extra for that. All I did was set aside a daily budget that I could comfortably stick to.

Obliging to this, while auditing my time at the camp, I realised I spent an average of ₦1,500 daily to not only eat, but to look smart, relax, and look after others.

This article was written by BizWatch Nigeria’s intern, Okunsanya Feyisayo.


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