GCK Alumni Elects New Excos


The alumni of the best secondary school in Lagos in the year 1996, Government College, Ketu(GCK) Epe have elected a new set of executives to lead the association. This is a significant event that marks a new chapter in the history of the association. The school was founded in 1974, and over the years, it has produced numerous successful individuals who have made significant contributions to various industries and sectors.

The 2001 alumni association is a vibrant and active group of individuals who are passionate about giving back to their alma mater and supporting one another. The association’s first executive handed over last weekend in Lagos, and a new set of executives were elected to take over the reins of leadership.

The newly elected executives are Dare Shittu as President, Rhoda Ayanwusi as Vice President/General Secretary, Ohwofasa Evabeta as Compliance/Chief whip, Lekan Onike as Projects and community development secretary, Kelicha Osuya-John as Financial secretary/Treasurer, Niyi Kaka as Media Relations/Social events, Adedeji Ogunsanwo as Welfare, Health and Membership 1, and Bisola Koledoye as Welfare, Health and Membership 2.

The election of these executives was a rigorous process that involved campaigning and voting. The association’s members were encouraged to vote for the candidates they believed would best represent their interests and work towards achieving the association’s goals.

The past president, Nkechi Nwaiwu, expressed gratitude to the association for the opportunity to serve and wished the new executives all the best in their leadership roles. She urged the association’s members to support the new executives and work together towards achieving the association’s objectives.

The new executives of GCK have already hit the ground running, and they are committed to promoting unity, excellence, and service among the association’s members. They have outlined several initiatives and projects that they plan to implement during their tenure, such as promoting educational development, career advancement, and social welfare programs for members.

The election of new executives is an important event in any organization’s life cycle. It provides an opportunity for fresh ideas and perspectives, as well as new leadership styles. The 2001 alumni association’s new executives have been given a mandate to steer the association towards greater heights, and we look forward to seeing the positive impact they will make in the coming years.

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