Forgot Your Phone at Home? Don’t worry


It is quite unthinkable for you to leave your phone at home. It is the 21st century and the era of the technology evolution where a phone is as important as the air you breath in. You can make and receive calls, access the internet and do a plethora of things with your phone. Despite this, you may inadvertently leave your phone at home. It is difficult but if it happens, Jumia Travel, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal share 5 reasons not worry too much if you leave your phone at home.

No distractions

While driving, working or exercising, your phone can be a major distraction. It may ring, constantly receive social media or text notifications. And of course, you may want to catch-up with trending news on social media and your favourite website. But without your phone, you will be able to concentrate and focus.

You will be able to connect with people

For many people, phones take most of their attention. They don’t listen when they are communicating and very few people visit friends when they can simply chat. If for a day you leave your phone at home, you will no doubt have quality conversations, especially with friends and co-workers.


Enjoy your vacation

A break from work can easily be ended by a phone call. This is why some employees go incommunicado when they are on leave or vacation. So, be grateful if you forget or leave your phone at home. It is no cause for anxiety.

Peace and quiet

Phones ringing, listening to music via Bluetooth headphones and a temporary break from social media. These are the things you enjoy when you are with your phone. A day without your phone will help you experience peace and quiet of your ambience and observe what is happening around you.

You will save money on call cards

Forgetting your phone may be another way to save money in this economic recession. If you calculate the cash you spend on call cards, you will be glad you forgot your phone even though it can be very inconvenient for you.


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