Flour Mills Of Nigeria Plc (FMN) Celebrates Chairman’s Induction Into Global Hall Of Fame

Nigeria’s leading food and agro-allied company and owner of the iconic brand ‘Golden Penny’ Flour Mills of Nigeria Plc (FMN), proudly announces that John G. Coumantaros, Chairman, FMN Board of Directors has been inducted into the esteemed Milling Hall of Fame.

This applaudable recognition is a demonstration of Mr. Coumantaros’ invaluable contributions to flour milling in Nigeria and at global level. This award also reflects a lifetime commitment that has profoundly influenced the health and well-being of citizens, not only in Nigeria but beyond.

As the Chairman, Mr. Coumantaros has steered FMN to applaudable heights, positioning the Group among the largest flour mills globally with a remarkable 10,000-tonne capacity at its Apapa milling sites in Lagos State.

In his response to this honor, Mr. Coumantaros expressed gratitude, stating, “This induction is a profound honor, but it truly belongs to my father, George S. Coumantaros whose remarkable vision and commitment laid the foundation of the Group’s success. Also to the generations of dedicated FMN employees who have built this company into what it is today. Our journey has been driven by a shared passion for nourishing our communities and contributing to a healthier, more prosperous Nigeria. To be recognized for that purpose on a global stage is incredibly humbling and inspiring.”

Under Mr. Coumantaros’s leadership, FMN has evolved into a cornerstone of Nigeria’s food and agro-allied industry, employing a farm-to-table model. The company boasts the second-largest single flour milling site globally in Apapa, with additional manufacturing sites in Iganmu, Agbara, Calabar, among others.

FMN continues to produce world-class quality food products while playing across five key value chains – Grains, Edible oil & Fats, Feeds & Protein, Sweeteners and Cassava starch. The Group’s products range includes diverse flour brands, pasta, and noodles, spread, ball foods, sugar, animal feeds, fertilizer, soya and vegetable oil, and cereal.

The Milling Hall of Fame recognizes individuals who have left an indelible mark on the industry through their unwavering dedication, expertise, and passion. Mr. John G. Coumantaros’ induction signifies his place among the pioneers who have shaped the future of milling and enriched the lives of countless individuals.

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