FG Increases Security Measures For Abuja-Kaduna Train Service

DSS Raises Alarm Over Alleged Attack On Abuja-Kaduna Train

The Federal Government (FG) announced that train services between Abuja and Kaduna will resume within seven days and there will be an increase in security personnel.

Mua’zu Sambo, the minister of transportation, made the announcement on Sunday while inspecting and testing the train route.

He stated that some of the personnel may not be wearing uniforms in order to ensure the safety of passengers.

“The other thing is that, for every journey, the train is monitored every second and the train driver can see up to a certain distance,” he said.

“If there are any threats on the track, that would enable him to march the break before getting to the perceived threat.”

No night trip

Sambo also stated that the number of trips on the corridor would be reduced, but that as the traveling population grows, the number of trips will increase.

“But we will certainly not travel at night,” he added.

He also stated that other sensitive equipment, which he would not name, had been installed to ensure the safety of life and property.

On transportation charges, he stated that discussions were underway because fares could be raised.

“My assurance to Nigerians is that even I will be using the train, and other of my counterparts who have homes in Kaduna,” Sambo added.

“In fact, from next week they will start using this train so I am giving Nigerians full assurance that a human being can give that this train is safe for them to use.

“There is absolutely nothing to fear. We have learned from what has happened and life is about learning lessons and adopting measures with the lessons.

“As a responsible government, we have seen those lessons and we have devised appropriate measures to counter it.

“Like I always say that I was not going to allow this train to resume until everybody in captivity was released and to the glory of God I have achieved that.”

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