Edo Assembly Shut Down By Protesting Workers

After the deadline for implementing financial autonomy in the nation’s legislative chambers expired on Monday, members of the Parliamentary Staff Association of Nigeria in Edo State closed the doors of the Edo State House of Assembly.

The MPs were unable to enter the chamber as a result of the scenario, which turned into a demonstration in front of the Assembly.

Umaru Farouk Haruna, Chairman of PASAN Edo State Chapter, announced that Comrade Mohammed Usman, the national president of PASAN, has instructed all chairmen and secretaries to mobilize members for maximum compliance at the start of the countrywide industrial action on Monday.

He continued by saying that Edo State PASAN members were adhering to the nationwide nonviolent protest following the two-day deadline that had been set for the government and governors of the 36 states to establish autonomy in each of the nation’s legislative houses. The deadline was then extended by one week, ending on October 27, 2023.

He said, “The issue of autonomy is a constitutional matter. You know it has been passed by the National Assembly and was assented to by the immediate past president Muhammadu Buhari.

“All we need is for the government to start implementation. But as we speak today, nothing has been done. The 36 states of Houses of Assembly, you can call them rubber stamps. They can’t stand on their feet simply because they are not autonomous. We are not just fighting for the staff, we are fighting to deepen the dividends of democracy for Nigerians”.

“The essence of separation of power is when autonomy is in operation, but as we speak today, the governors are doing whatever they like and nobody is asking them questions. The Houses of Assembly dare not speak because they are not autonomous bodies. This is the struggle we are in,” he added.

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