Eating On A Budget: Save Money By Growing Your Food

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Eating on a budget seems like a hard task in Nigeria especially with the rate of inflation and trying to avoid eating rice everyday.

Eating out can be expensive either it is at a big or small restaurant. Buying groceries frequently takes a chunk of your money.

Sometimes we try to count our money to calculate how much we spent; especially when our wallets are slim and our bank accounts are not smiling.

How can we reduce our spending? What can we do to eat healthy while maintaining a budget?

Eating healthy on a budget is not impossible. One of the ways to achieve it is to have a garden and grow your food.

Growing your food might seem extreme or overly expensive. No need to fear, you can start small.

As small as spring onions or pepper then work your way up to other agricultural produce.

Eating on a budget; how to

Growing your own fruits and vegetables is a great way to save money and have fresh produce at your fingertips if you have the space.

Having a steady supply of fresh produce at home can help you save money at the grocery store.

What should you plant?

You can start with the things you usually use; like ginger, spring onions, cabbage or even tomatoes. Take a look at the tools you have and watch videos that will help you decide what to start with, how to plant and when to plant.

How to plant

Watch videos and read articles on how to plant and how to maintain your garden.

Where to plant?

Start on a small scale. Many fruits, vegetables, and herbs can be grown in pots on patios or balconies especially if you don’t have a yard.


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