Burberry Sales Soar by 40% in Q3 2016

Classic British label, Burberry, is experiencing boom at the its London stores, as the pound’s Brexit plunge draws shoppers from around the world.

The Brexit vote and the slump in sterling that followed the referendum has delivered a big boost to sales at luxury label buoyed by overseas shoppers who have flocked to the UK to stock up on branded goods.

The classic British label, famous for its beige check design, said sales in the UK surged by 40% in the final three months of 2016, driven by strong demand for goods such as its buckle bags, which start at around £500 for a mini leather version and climb to £8,000 for an alligator version.

In central London, there was little sign of rush for these bags or any other Burberry merchandise outside the brand’s Regent Street store, theguardian reports.

While Burberry’s formal statement to the City was coy about who exactly was behind the 40% uplift in UK sales, staff at its Regent Street store were far more forthcoming: it was all down to Chinese shoppers, they said.

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