“Buhari Needs To Take Urgent Actions” – Soyinka

Nobel laureate, Wole Soyinka said that Nigeria’s problems can be addressed with the right actions by the leaders.

While speaking on News Day, an Arise Television programme, on Monday, Soyinka said President Muhammadu Buhari should stop exuding false confidence and speak like a leader who is ready to take action concerning the country’s challenges.

According to him, Nigeria is on the “edge”, and Buhari needs to move beyond mere talk, and take urgent action to set the country on the right path.

“First of all, he should start talking to people like a leader — and a leader who is awake to the realities of the situation. Then, let us see actions being taken,” he said.

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“I’m tired of hearing things like ‘you will see differences in a few weeks’ time’. We are tired of that. He’s got to put his cards on the table and take people into confidence.

“He’s got to stop exuding a false confidence, because that kind of confidence is totally false. It is not based on realities, and we’ve got to see an acceleration of actions to retrieve this nation from the very edge.

“It is no longer a problem of the people,; it is a problem of leadership, because the people have shown themselves ready to act, to save their own community.”

“Members of NASS are not doing enough. If you study the constitution very carefully, you will realise that they have certain powers which they haven’t touched,” he said.

“There are certain areas they can compel this government to act the way it should, and that applies especially to governors — the governors themselves are too timid.”

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