FCCPC Invites Chinese Supermarket Owner Over Alleged Discrimination

The Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC) has taken action following allegations of discrimination against Nigerians by the owner of a Chinese supermarket in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

Reports from the News Agency of Nigeria revealed that the supermarket, located in the Royal Choice Estate in Lugbe, FCT, allegedly implemented a policy allowing only Chinese citizens to make purchases, sparking widespread concern among citizens.

In response to a viral video drawing attention to the discriminatory practice, FCCPC officials visited the supermarket. However, upon arrival, they found the premises locked and inaccessible. Boladale Adeyinka, the Director of Surveillance and Investigations at FCCPC, led the team and stressed the importance of verifying the claims made in the viral video.

Investigations uncovered that the supermarket had been open earlier that day. However, CCTV footage indicated that the owner had left the premises shortly before the FCCPC’s arrival.

Adeyinka stated, “On arrival, we noticed that the supermarket, which is right behind me, was sealed and padlocked externally. Inquiries have shown that yes, as at this morning this supermarket was opened, and people were here. CCTV footage also shows that at about 8:29 a.m., two vehicles departed from these premises allegedly containing the owner of the supermarket, whom we have been able to identify by name and we have her contact details. Now the summon is to serve notice on her to appear before the FCCPC by April 24 at 11 a. m. There are other regulatory tools to be deployed if she fails to honour this summons.”

The FCCPC warned that failure to comply with the summons could lead to regulatory action, potentially including the sealing of the premises until compliance is achieved.

Offering further insight, Sanusi Shuiabu, the Estate Assistant Facilities Manager, clarified that the supermarket was established to serve the grocery needs of Chinese residents and other tenants within the estate. However, he emphasized that there were no formal agreements restricting access exclusively to Chinese residents. Shuiabu identified the owner as Cindy, a tenant in the estate, but provided no additional information regarding the discriminatory policy.

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