Brain Drain: Is The Grass Really Green On The Other Side?

Brain Drain: Is The Grass Really Green On The Other Side?

Brain drain is not a new term, especially not in this ‘woke’ age or in Nigeria. We all want to japa and find the green grass.

A lot of Nigerians after lamenting about the situation in Nigeria and suffering economically have upped and left the country in search of a better future.

BizWatch Nigeria will be having a Twitter Space conversation at 8pm to talk about this well and how to successfully relocate.

The slang term “brain drain” refers to a significant migration of people.

brain drain
brain drain

A country’s internal unrest, the existence of lucrative career opportunities abroad, or a desire to move to a country with a higher standard of living are all factors that can contribute to a brain drain.

Brain drain can also happen at the organizational or industrial levels, in addition to geographically.

Increasing government investment in the local economy is one of the best approaches to stop brain drain.

2 effects

It results in the loss of a significant number of highly valued people for nations, industries, and organizations.

The loss of tax revenue is one of the effects of brain drain.

Japa trend

Japa trend is viewed as a concern since the most qualified and capable people leave the country and contribute to the economies of other nations.

Everywhere we turn to people talk about brain drain, how they are tired of the economy, their job/nation and want to search for a greener pasture.

Is the grass really green on the other side? Or is it a fairy tale?

The japa trend in Nigeria has been on a high rise with thousands and thousands of Nigerians applying to passports, visas, applying for jobs and schools just to leave the country.

Some even go as far as entering another country illegally just to have a better life, some over stay in countries putting themselves at risks just to earn money.

Is leaving worth it?

BizWatch Nigeria had reported that a young car washer robbed his boss all to fund his plans to relocate to another nation.

This is not the only story of Nigerians doing what it takes either legal or not to leave the country. Why?

And the truth is that we can not all leave this country. Why don’t we stay back to water the grass here?

The upcoming 2023 general elections has got to be one of the biggest elections because the citizens are tired of the poor economy and lifestyle. Let us get our voters’ card and elect the right person.

Skilled workers such as medical practitioners, teachers, software engineers, tech guys, care givers and even entrepreneurs are leaving Nigeria drastically.

How do we fix this?

BizWatch Nigeria is having a Twitter Space conversation on Thursday, September 1st to discuss the japa trend, how to relocate, how to water the grass here and what we can do to make Nigeria better.

The conversation will be hosted by Adepeju Aina at 8 pm via Twitter.

The speakers are Ayokunle Okuneye; the CEO/founder of Media Tank Ltd and Grill Fest and Toyyib Adewale Adelodun; a Civil Engineer and Personal Development Coach.

Here is the link to join the Twitter Space conversation at 8 pm

If you are thinking about how to relocate, if you should relocate and how to make a change, then this is for you.

In fact, it is for all of us.

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