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Best 7 Things To Know About The Elite Solar Smart Kiosk

Elite solar powered kiosk
Elite solar powered kiosk

Elite Logistics and Development Services Limited, a tech and innovative firm in Nigeria has designed a smart solar-powered Kiosk called Elite Solar Smart Kiosk, manufactured and produced to challenge the long power supply challenges for small and medium scale entrepreneurs (SMEs) across communities in Nigeria.

The Smart Kiosk is efficiently reliable, powered by solar and aesthetically designed with a low maintenance cost in order to support young Nigerians engaged in direct employment and empowerment opportunities.

This solar-powered Kiosk is a plus for all, from Mobile Healthcare Dispensary Units. Exhibition Stands, Unisex Salons, Convenience stores, Banking agencies, Point Sale Display retail outlets, ICT Booths, security centres, multimedia centres and other businesses.

If you own any of the businesses mentioned above, or you are looking to begin any one of them. Here are seven things to know about the Elite Solar Smart Kiosk that should spur you into getting one for your business.

  1. The Elite Solar Smart Kiosk is easy to configure, contains user-friendly interfaces, has various versatile capacities, and is enhanced with sturdy abilities and diverse provisional opportunities.
  2. The Elite Solar Smart Kiosk supports businesses by increasing your products’ accessibility, therefore enhancing your brand’s loyalty.
  3. The Elite Solar Kiosk avoids public electricity being powered completely by renewable energies that improve sustainable development and broad-based communal advancements. Elite Solar Smart Kiosk has corresponding equipment and solar power to provide all-day power and over 10 hours of backup after sunset, with facilities for SME businesses.
  4. It also provides a smart, inclusive, and data-driven modular platform for standardizing and coordinating sustainable street and community-level retail activities for artisans, Nigerian youths, women-owned SMEs, and persons with disabilities.
  5. Elite Solar Kiosk provides SME Business Owners with a Secure, Safer, more conducive, and better platform to do business.
  6. The Smart Kiosk will provide a visible, secure and professional branded point of sale for your products in any location by action as a retail kiosk which will speed up the sale of your products and services in most remotely located areas.
  7. The Solar Powered Kiosk can be used by all business owners ranging from small scale businesses to large scale business owners in Healthcare. Technology, Beauty, Sales, Banking services, Point Sale Display retail outlets, ICT Booths, security centres, multimedia centres, etc.

So, if you are a small business owner and you are looking to purchase a space, rather than buying a small housing space that will cost you fuel and electricity and rent bills, Purchase the Elite Solar Smart Kiosk for a better and customer friendly business.


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