Belfrites Opens New Food Factory To Boost Economy

Belfrites, an indigenous company that produces French fries, has opened in the Ikorodu, Lagos State in an effort to expand the local market and consumer base for the food item as well as the local economy.

Prince Akitoye, Chief Executive Officer of Belfrites said in a statement that Belfrites, which produces French fries, also known as potato fries, is a subsidiary of Berlag Investment Nigeria Limited.

He explained that the company was created as part of his efforts to discourage importation and give job possibilities to the unemployed, which would help the country’s effort to maintain a viable economy.

“The idea of producing French fries here in Nigeria was conceived to boost the local economy of the country and also discourage the importation of French fries from Belgium, Netherlands and some other neighbouring countries,” Akitoye said.

Akitoye disclosed that the company’s goods are reasonably priced and entirely natural while describing the product’s quality and the need for Nigerians to buy from Belfrites.

He also gave the people of Lagos the assurance that the company’s French fries could successfully compete with those imported into the nation.

Mr Odiri Asagba, Director and COO of Belfrites, hailed the product as excellent, nutrient-rich, and reasonably priced. He also predicted that the French fries made by the company will succeed in the market and compete favourably with its rivals.