Bard’s latest updates: Access Gemini Pro, Double Check and Generate Images in Nigeria

Today, we’re bringing Bard’s latest capabilities — including Gemini Pro in Bard— to more languages and places. Plus, we’re introducing image generation to help bring more of your ideas to life.

Use Gemini Pro in all supported languages and places

Last December, we brought Gemini Pro into Bard in English, giving Bard more advanced understanding, reasoning, summarizing and coding abilities. Now Gemini Pro in Bard is available in over 40 languages and more than 230 countries and territories, so more people can collaborate with the fastest and most capable version of Bard yet.  

The Large Model Systems Organization, a leading evaluator of language models and chatbots across languages, recently shared that Bard with Gemini Pro is one of the most preferred chatbots available (with or without cost), noting that it has made a “stunning leap” forward. And blind evaluations with our third-party raters identified Bard with Gemini Pro as one of the top-performing chatbots, compared to leading free and paid alternatives. 

Gemini Pro asset

Double-check your responses in more languages

Since we know people want the ability to corroborate Bard’s responses, we’re also expanding our double-check feature, which is already used by millions of people in English, to more than 40 languages. When you click on the “G” icon, Bard will evaluate whether there is content across the web to substantiate its response. If it can be evaluated, you can click the highlighted phrases and learn more about supporting or contradicting information found by Search.

Bring your ideas to life with image generation 

For an extra creative boost, you can now generate images in Bard in English in most countries around the world, at no cost. This new capability is powered by our updated Imagen 2 model, which is designed to balance quality and speed, delivering high-quality, photorealistic outputs. Just type in a description — like “create an image of a dog riding a surfboard” — and Bard will generate custom, wide-ranging visuals to help bring your idea to life. 

Imagen Dog Demo Video

Carousel of images generated by Bard – 

Consistent with our AI Principles, image generation was designed with responsibility in mind. For instance, to ensure there’s a clear distinction between visuals created with Bard and original human artwork, Bard uses SynthID to embed digitally identifiable watermarks into the pixels of generated images. 

Our technical guardrails and investments in the safety of training data seek to limit violent, offensive or sexually explicit content. Additionally, we apply filters designed to avoid the generation of images of named people. We’ll continue investing in new techniques to improve the safety and privacy protections of our models.  

These updates make Bard an even more helpful and globally accessible AI collaborator for everything from big, creative projects to smaller, everyday tasks. Try it out today at  

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