AGN And Universal Insurance Collaborated To Provide Health Insurance

AGN And Universal Insurance Collaborated To Provide Health Insurance

In partnership with Universal Insurance Plc, the Actors Guild of Nigeria has committed to extending health insurance coverage for Nollywood performers.

When the AGN, in collaboration with Universal Insurance Plc, sponsored the AGN health and wellness week 2023, dubbed “Walk For Life,” with the goal of educating its members about the importance of insurance and good health in the nation, a statement made this information public. The event was held in Enugu State, Lagos, Abuja, and Asaba.

It raised awareness about the significance of accepting the coverage offered by Universal Insurance to Nollywood actors as a superior and more practical substitute to asking for money on social media in order to address urgent medical help.

The importance of maintaining good health cannot be overstated, according to AGN President Ejezie Rollas, who spoke at the Lagos event.

“Health is the most important thing for any human being, due to this circumstance, we decided to launch a unique retail health management program called HMO with Medicard Ltd. in the year 2020. We have so far added a few needy participants to the program”, he stated.

He continued saying, “In a similar vein, we collaborated with Universal Insurance to offer group on-set coverage for members in case of medical emergencies. All of these and other enticing welfare benefits have been provided to members, but it is really disheartening to see how careless and apathetic they are with them, especially their health problems”

Paulinus Offorzor, the company’s Executive Director of Technical Operations, attended the ceremony on behalf of Universal Insurance.

According to report, Universal Insurance and the AGN inked a memorandum of agreement in 2018 to provide group personal accident insurance for Guild members.

The Group Personal Accident Policy was created to offer some level of compensation to Nollywood professionals in the event of a loss, including death, permanent incapacity, and medical costs.

“The AGN provides a good market for better insurance penetration and has about 150,000 members spread across the country in its register,” it said.

Universal Insurance Plc was designated as the co-sponsor and exclusive insurer for the 2023 Enugu International Trade Fair, according to the announcement.

The Enugu Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture was in charge of planning the 34th iteration of the renowned Enugu International Trade Fair, which was held in Enugu.

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