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7 Things To Consider Before Visiting Arinta Waterfall

Things To Consider Before Visiting Arinta Waterfall
Cecilia Okoro and friends during a group tour of the Arinta Waterfall In Ekiti State, 2021

Waterfalls make good tourism sites because they are generally considered beautiful and relatively uncommon even though tourism in Nigeria is not well developed. Nigeria is blessed with a beautiful natural landscape making it a perfect place to explore.

Nigeria has a vast number of beautiful waterfalls to keep you in awe from the east, west, north and south part of the country such as Erin Ijesha Waterfall also known as Olumirin Waterfall located in Oriade Local Government Area of Osun State.

Nigeria is also blessed with Arinta Waterfall located at Ipole Iloro in Ekiti state; Obudu Waterfall located within the mountains of Obudu; and many other locations around Nigeria.

Before visiting Arinta Waterfall, some things you need to budget for are transportation, feeding, accommodation, photography/videography and miscellaneous expenses.

You also need to plan for basic items to take along on the trip. Let’s discuss these in detail.


Oftentimes, I hear people talk about how they can’t afford to visit beautiful places and make amazing memories.

Ironically, most persons who say they can’t afford touring can but would rather save up to buy some nice wears, gadgets and shoes, among others.

Don’t get me wrong, these things are cool to acquire however, won’t it be awesome if once in a while you save to experience some things that can never be out of trend.

Before you start budgeting for your trip to Arinta Waterfall, you ought to have carried out research on which waterfall location is closest to you due to affordability.

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In travelling, your finance is not the only thing to be considered, therefore, you ought to base your budget on whether travelling alone or in groups.

Traveling alone is expensive if you can afford it. You can make your solo tour richer by exploring things in detail.

When you travel alone, you are in complete control of how you spend your money. You will likely be more open to meeting more people, be free to decide on which location you want to visit.

Meanwhile, traveling in groups is more fun, affordable and less expensive; you will have no privacy, you won’t be lonely, you would meet new people as well and you don’t get to decide alone on where to visit.

The choice is yours to decide on either solo travel or in a group, whichever is suitable for you.


After budgeting, transportation should be the next thing on your list whether you are going in groups or alone

Your choice of transportation, either by road or air, shouldn’t prevent you from embarking on your trip.

Distance should also be considered depending on your location and if you are healthy enough to embark on the tour to Arinta Waterfall.

Cost of transportation service, duration of the trip, mode of transport, reliability of the means of transport are other things to be considered.

Basic Belongings

Going on a tour to Arinta Waterfall, there are some basic belongings you ought to bring along irrespective of how many days you are staying.

These belongings are extra clothes, shoes for hiking, bikini wears to bath in the water, a bag pack, water bottle and items that will make you comfortable outdoors.


Accommodation is very essential when going for a tour. Your choice of accommodation can be a hotel or a resort centre.

In Arinta Waterfall, one of the closest places to lodge is the Ikogosi Resort and will grant you a tour guide.


Most times, your feeding will be determined by your type of accommodation.

For instance, Ikogosi Resort in Ekiti State will not allow guests to bring in external meals and will go ahead to make a timetable for your meals during your stay.

However, some hotels may accept external meals.

You should also consider your allergies when selecting meals, fruits, or snacks that are readily available in the area.

Photography/ Videography

When visiting Arinta Waterfall, you will definitely need to take photos and videos for references and to document amazing memories.

You can decide to make use of your smartphone or a digital camera.

You can also decide to document your activities using a selfie stick or bring a videographer or photographer along on your trip.

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Miscellaneous Expenses

These are expenses not budgeted for and they are most likely to occur, so I will advise you to make plans for miscellaneous. The tourist trap could be among the miscellaneous expenses you may have to deal with.

Written By Cecilia Okoro, an Intern with BizWatch Nigeria.


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