5 Tips For Choosing A Great Tour Guide

Tor Guide

Whether you’re staying for a short or extended period of time, the absolute best way to maximise your experience and enjoyment is by hiring a tour guide. If you are not sure how to choose a great tour guide, Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, shares some helpful tips.

#1: Passionate about being a tour guide

What separates a great tour from a good one is passion. An average tour guide will be looking to get tips; a great tour guide will be giving them! You can see it in their faces and mannerism, nothing makes them happier than to serve others and help others have a positive and rewarding experience. They’re passionate about their home country and they treat you like a guest in their home.

#2: Experienced and well-travelled

A great tour guide needs to have all the relevant qualifications but what they need most is experience in managing tours and groups. A tour guide knows how to manage a group so that memories are made.

#3: Rely on your network

If you have well-travelled friends whose tastes you trust, ask them for recommendations. Asking your social media network for suggestions is another way to go. Chances are that if your friends have had a great experience with a guide, you will too.

#4: Use the guides at tourist destinations

Many major landmarks and museums have tour guides on the ground. These guides have extensive knowledge of the attractions. Most of these attractions require that their guides go through several months of training before they’re allowed to give tours, and if you’re looking for a customized, in-depth perspective of a particular site, hiring one is the way to go.

#5: Knows how to have fun

Tour guides do not only need to be experienced and knowledgeable, they must also be friendly and know how to have fun. This skill is needed during the periods of long travel. He or she can share great stories, start cracking jokes and greet you with the warmest of smiles. This will ensure that the tour is not boring.



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