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4 Exotic Getaways for the Weekend


Weekends are the perfect time to unwind after a stressful work week. Jumia Travel shares getaway spots to help you enjoy at a minimal cost.


Whether it’s Oniru Beach, Elegushi Beach, Eleko Beach, Badagry Beach, Tarkwa Bay Beach or Bar Beach, the beach is one of the best spots to relax and unburden yourself at a low cost. Enjoy the serenity and scenery the beach has to offer. Enjoy its activities and maybe even invite some friends to share the experience with you.


There are a number of such bars in Lagos, both on the Island and Mainland. Make use of them. Sit and have a drink or two, by yourself or with a couple of friends. Talk about life, experiences, share your burdens with friends over a drink and celebrate your victories. If you prefer solitude, sit and observe, enjoy the view and scenery, reflect and make plans for a better tomorrow. You can also order good food and have yourself a good time.

The Bush Bar, situated off Oyinkan Abayomi (Formerly Queens Drive), Ikoyi, Lagos, is one seaside bar to consider.


If you are not really a ‘bar’ person, a lounge is probably the best fit for you. At the Bay Lounge, you can come alone, relax and let the sound of the cool music being played soothe you and help you forget your burdens; all while ordering delicious meals from their well-established restaurant. You can also come with a friend or two and share the experience with them, you all can unwind and allows yourselves drift off on a cloud of relaxation and peace, letting go of all that weighs you down.


If you need more than a few hours of relaxation and have a little extra cash to spare, this is a nice place for you. The resort has a nice ambience, with activities to keep you engaged. It also offers a quiet, controlled and serene environment to aid leisure. It’s well guarded, has an onsite restaurant and bar with scrumptious delicacies and fine wine. There’s also enough space for long reflective walks, if that’s what also helps you relax.


The lounge is easily accessible, located at Plot 10, Block 12a, Admiralty Road, Lekki Phase1, with adequate parking for guests. It also gives the option of indoor or outdoor dining to offer a flexible relaxation experience to guests.






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