15 Loan Apps You Can Borrow Money From Without BVN In Nigeria

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Do you require a quick loan without a BVN, collateral, or paperwork? This is significant if you live in Nigeria and need to apply for a fast online loan but do not yet have a BVN, which is usually always required for valid loan applications throughout the nation. In this post, I’ll go through the top ten reliable loan apps in Nigeria that could be able to accept you for a quick online loan without BVN.

In the Nigerian banking sector, each person is uniquely identified by their 11-digit Bank Verification Number (BVN). In order to ensure that clients may conduct financial transactions safely at any Point of Banking operations in Nigeria, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) introduced the BVN. By minimizing fraud and unauthorized deductions, the BVN safeguards financial transactions as a contemporary security precaution.

Loan Apps In Nigeria

However, some fraudulent lending applications in Nigeria attempt to access their user’s data and utilize their BVN for nefarious and unlawful activities. Because of this, there may be times when you do not want to give your BVN to these loan sharks posing as online lending companies.

Aella, Eyowo, Carbon, CarrotPay, and JumiaOne are just a few of the reputable loan applications on this list of the finest lending platforms in Nigeria where you may acquire loans relatively quickly without BVN. By using one of these lending applications, you may quickly and instantly receive a loan while securing your banking and financial activities.

See Loan Apps Without BVN In Nigeria

CarrotPay Loan

With CarrotPay, obtaining a loan as a Nigerian citizen without a BVN is about as simple as imagining it. If you pass the automatic tests and have a good credit score, you can quickly be approved for a loan after applying.

With a repayment period of 60 to 180 days, CarrotPay offers loans in Nigeria without BVN for as little as N5,000 and as much as N50,000. Monthly payments are customary. A credit rating system determines the minimum interest rates, which are typically 3% per month and never more than 10%.

JumiaOne Loan

One of the greatest fast loans in Nigeria is JumiaOne, which does not involve entering your BVN or debit card information. It is a versatile Android app that belongs to the Jumia Group.

JumiaOne site allows you to borrow money without entering your BVN and provides loans ranging from N5,000 to N100,000 with tenors of 15 to 30 days, depending on the user’s credit score. Basically, you only need to go down to the “Financial Services” area and choose “Loans” to get loans on this app. Your loan will be available to you in a matter of minutes after you have provided all the necessary information.

OKash Loan Without BVN

Another trustworthy and well-known lending site where you may get a loan without a BVN is the Okash loan app. Basically, Opay Digital Services Limited/Paycom controls the Opay mobile app, through which you can access this platform. However, Blue Ridge Microfinance Bank Ltd. is the exclusive owner and operator of OKash.

Customers may get a fast loan from N1,500 to N50,000 from OKash without a physical visit, BVN, debit card, collateral, or other requirements. At an interest rate ranging from 10% to 24% per month, the term might last up to 60 days.


Another legitimate website where you may borrow money in Nigeria without a BVN is called Aella. Basically, this customer-focused digital lending business provides customers with loans starting at N2,000 and up to N1,000,000. Additionally, their processing time does not take too long. Your account will be credited within 10 minutes of submitting your loan application.

The Aella loan term ranges from 30 to 60 days with a beginning monthly interest rate of 30%; however, after the customer consistently maintains a positive credit score on the app, this cost may drop to roughly 4%.


Eyowo lending platform provides simple, digital, and reliable financial loan to anyone with just a phone number and does not require inputting your BVN. You also don’t need collateral, documentation or guarantor to access loan their loan. Users can borrow, spend, send, receive and save money simply by dialing a USSD code: *4255# on their mobile phones or via the Eyowo mobile app or website.

ALAT By Wema Loan Without BVN

If you’re tired of your regular commercial banks and feel like being in charge of your money directly, you can get the ALAT app fast instant loan without BVN in Nigeria. It also do not require collateral, documentation or any paperwork for loan approval. You can borrow as much as N2,000,000 (Two million naira) and get your loan approved and disbursed within minutes to your bank account.

Carbon (Paylater)

Carbon loan app formally called Paylater gives instant loan of N5000 to N1,000,000 without BVN, collateral or paperwork. The app loan is repayable between 7 – 180 days. Your account will be credited within 3 minutes of submitting your application on the app once your fill your online form correctly.

PalmCredit Loan

PalmCredit is another top trusted and legit lending platform that gives instant loan in minutes in Nigeria without borrowers having to submit their BVN for loan processing. The app gives loans of N2000 to N100,000 with interest rate ranging from 4% to 24%, with the annual percentage rate (APR) being between 24%~56%.


Quickteller loan platform gives fast loan online without requesting your BVN. With Quickteller, you get access to urgent cash of N10,000 with an interest rate as low of 15% to solve whatever emergency you might find yourself. Simply register on their website by filling in your details which include your name, email, password, and phone number.

Fair Loans

Fair Loans is one of the new loan apps in Nigeria in 2023 that gives trusted and legit online loan without BVN. With this app, it is easy to apply for a small cash loan from N5000 to N30,000 with a repayment period of 60 days and maximum APR of 24% per year.


Among the best loan apps in Nigeria, Branch comes in second place. Just like Carbon, the Branch app unlocks more significant loan amounts when you make your loan payment early. The Branch app provides loans ranging from NGN 2,000 to NGN 500,000 for a period of 4 to 52 weeks. Branch’s APR (Annual Percentage Rate) runs from 18% to 260% depending on your loan amount, with an equal monthly interest rate ranging between 1.5% to 20%.


This is yet another beneficial instant loan app in Nigeria that makes life easy and comfortable for you. You don’t need to stress yourself thinking of medical bills, how to pay school fees or any other unexpected cash problems. No collateral or documentation is needed. Quick check grants you loan within 24hrs of application. Requirements: smartphone and the quick check app. It also gives you the opportunity of buying airtime for yourself and loved ones in a seamless manner. It is secure, fast, and easy to use. You can borrow up to 30,000 Naira with no hidden charges. Interest can be paid for the number of days you take the loan at 1% daily. You can apply for a loan on this lending platform by downloading the app to your device and then proceeding to sign up or create an account. After applying for a loan, a cash loan will be disbursed to your account within minutes if found eligible. For more information, you can check out their, website: www.quickcheck.ng


Money Pal is one of the best loan app in Nigeria. This mobile loan app is provided by Zedvance and grants customers access to loans without collateral. It gives loans of up to #5 million anywhere, anytime with zero hidden charges. Customers can enjoy loan tenors up to 24 months.Customers can enjoy loan tenors up to 24 months. Annual Percentage Rate (APR): 34.8% – 365% To get a loan on this app, you click on “create account” on the app and proceed to provide relevant details. One important thing to note when applying for a loan on this app is to use the phone number linked to your BVN to register and once your loan application is approved, the loan is sent to your bank account.


Another rapid mobile lending app that offers short-term loans in Nigeria to meet urgent financial requirements or unforeseen expenditures No security is needed. Once accepted, loan requests are immediately forwarded to your bank account. It creates a credit score and verifies your identification using the information on your phone, including the history of your SMS messages. Duration: 91–180 days, or 2–6 months. Rates range from 4.5% to 34%. APR: 29% –.365%. This lending app offers loans ranging from $5,000 to $100,000. There is no need for paperwork, a mortgage, or office access. Ages 25 to 50 are the eligibility range for loans. You must have a fixed employment in order to be approved for a loan through this site. Obtaining a loan for this.


Customers may easily and conveniently get loans whenever and wherever they want thanks to our mobile lending app. It is exclusively accessible in Nigeria and does not require any collateral. No forms or office visits are required. The usage of loans is both personal and commercial. Amount of loan: 1,500 to 200,000. 4 to 24 week loan term. rates of interest: 15% to 34%.

As you repay, you may access larger loans with lower costs and flexible payment periods. On this lending app, you must first join up before you can check in, ask for a loan, and get it immediately sent into your bank account. Your SMS history and other data from your phone are used by UNIKCREDIT to confirm your identification.


This mobile loan app makes it easier for you to get funds from your peers. It is free to register and the loan is approved quickly. It is free to register and the loan is approved quickly. Loan amount: #1000 – #100, 000 Loan duration: 91days – 120days APR: 14% The loan is granted to a person between the ages of 18 and above.


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