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World Bicycle Day: A Safe Means Of transport

World Bicycle Day 2022: A Day commemorated on June 3 to celebrate the oldest and humblest means of transportation. The bicycle continues to be cycled around the globe and has evolved over the years from a means of transport to a fitness method and sport.

The theme for the World Bicycle Day 2021 focuses on the longevity and uniqueness of the bicycle; this year, the theme of the celebration takes a different approach to the benefit of the bicycle to the Earth, Health, and Sustainability. It is, firstly, the safest means of transportation to the Earth.

Today, we raise awareness of the health and mental benefits of cycling to people of all ages. However, highlighting a brief history of World Bicycle Day is vital as there is no celebration with an origin.

Record of World Bicycle day

World Bicycle Day was first observed on June 3, 2018, when the United Nations General Assembly implemented a resolve during its 72nd Regular Session in New York City in April. More than 193 member states signed the proclamation, encouraging them to integrate bicycles into regional, international, and subnational development plans and programmes.

Significance of World Bicycle Day

With growing concerns about the lack of physical activity among individuals and associated health risks, World Bicycle Day has become even greater significance. Cycling is a clean, inexpensive, and environmentally beneficial means of transportation, and encouraging its use contributes to environmental conservation and healthier air and water.

Benefits of Cycling

Benefits of World Bicycle Day

Pushing further, it is imperative to highlight the benefits of the cycle. Why did the UN deem it fit to have a day to celebrate this mechanism?

Controlling Your Weight

You may slip short exercises into your routine by riding to work or the grocery store. Cycling would keep you physically busy, but it would also aid in burning calories. According to experts, because cycling is a cardiac workout, fat is burned only after the first 20 minutes. As a result, these mini-trips must last at least 30 minutes.

It improves your immune system.

One of the most tenacious problems in today’s world is keeping ourselves safe and ensuring that we have the necessary immunity. Cycling is an excellent strategy for maintaining a healthy metabolism.

Mental Well-Being

It’s vital to take care of someone’s mental health as it is to take care of someone’s physical health. Cycling has been shown to aid people who suffer from anxiety by allowing them to focus on a single task.

World Bicycle Day

Reduction of stress

We live in a screen-dominated world that adds extra stress to our lives. Cycling daily helps to relieve stress by focusing someone’s attention on a pleasurable activity.

Heart disease risk is reduced

According to a study conducted by Purdue University in Indiana, USA, cycling regularly can reduce your risk of heart disease by up to 50%. Exercise in and of itself can make a person feel happier and more at ease in their surroundings.

Cycling is a low-impact sport that provides a full-body workout that improves strength and endurance. Cycling has a plethora of other advantages. However, if you are seeking an excuse to ride your bike, do it since it’s a lot of fun and will make you happy in the end. After all, a healthy soul is one that is happy.

Let’s keep the awareness going by posting videos, pictures and hashtagging about the benefits of World Bicycle Day #Worldbicycleday #Happybicycleday.


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