Nigerian Idol Season 8 Begins As 52 Contestants win Golden Tickets

Nigerian Idol Season 8 Begins With Thrilling Performances

Nigerian Idol season 8 is here! The show kicked off with a thrilling introduction of a few contestants who made it to theatre week. The auditions were replayed, highlighting both the hilarious and awe-inspiring moments.

During a brief interview with the judges, Obi Asika, Simi, and D’banj; they expressed their enthusiasm for the new season, citing the pool of talented contestants as a reason for Nigerian Idol season 8 to raise the bar with the selection of talents.

The show’s host, IK Osakioduwa, introduced the first contestant, Prosper ‘Mina’ Algado, who delivered an impressive performance and won over the judges. Abraham, who discovered his passion for music at the age of 15, brought the judges to church with his vocals and secured a YES from them to be the next idol. Lily, who began her journey to be on the Nigerian Idol show 14 years ago, wowed the judges with a stellar performance and was rewarded with a golden ticket.

While some contestants received golden tickets, others were not so fortunate. Patrick was the first contestant to receive a NO from the judges, followed by Angel, Mark Houston, Favour, Emmahbasiita, Ryano, among others who were asked to try their luck next time.

One of the standout contestants, Quest, impressed the judges with her beautiful rendition. She is a music director and has been singing professionally since she was 16.

At the end of the first day of auditions, several other contestants received golden tickets, including Chief, Osokoya, Fejiro, BenPhillips, Amb. Lawrence, Daiwil, Cabrina Divo, Dozie, Sir Danny, etc. With this selection, they will move on to the theatre week to compete for the final selection.

Next week’s episode will introduce viewers to new talents from ‘Audition Day 2’ who will be vying for golden tickets to also make it to theatre week. It promises to be funny, interesting, and awe-inspiring. Nigerian Idol will broadcast every Sunday at 7 pm on all Africa Magic Channels – Showcase (DStv ch. 151), Urban (DStv ch. 153, GOtv ch. 8), and Family (DStv ch. 154, GOtv ch. 7). There will also be a Nigerian Idol pop-up channel (DStv ch. 199) where fans can see all the auditions and “behind-the-stage” conversations. For more information on Nigerian Idol, visit You can also follow the official Nigerian Idol social media pages for news and updates with the hashtag #NigerianIdol on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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