How To Stay Stylishly/Chic During The Raining Season

Nigeria is currently experiencing the rainy season and we can all agree that the rain has been falling non-stop. The roads have been messy and there is a lot of traffic. However, the rain does not stop you from slaying or looking good.

There are several ways to look beautiful despite the heavy downpour or messy roads.

1. Warm clothes

With rain comes the cold, dress in beautiful warm clothes so as to stay warm throughout the day. When pairing your clothes, watch out for the colour combination and attire. Turtle necks would be a great outfit to have in your closet.

2. Jackets

Now is the time to rock the jackets you have been avoiding (probably because of the heat). If you are scared of wearing heavy clothes, then you need fancy jackets. Carefully pair your jackets to align with your company’s dress code or with your wardrobe.

3. Avoid long trousers or flowing gowns

If you will be entering public transport, it is better to avoid long trousers and flowing gowns because of the rain. Your clothes will get soaked and dirty, instead what you want to do is wear cloth that will not get stained due to the messy roads.

4. Umbrella or raincoat

Carry a stable/fancy umbrella or raincoat with you wherever you go. Put them in your car; you do not want to be stranded under the rain or soaked.

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