How To Bet On Soccer On Hollywoodbets: Prematch And Live Tips

The sports betting industry is picking up steam nowadays. Therefore, numerous bookmakers offer an opportunity to make bets on diverse sports disciplines. Here are some of the most prominent bookies that offer betting services today: Barstool sportsbook.

Caesars sportsbook and Hollywood sportsbook. The last betting platform enjoys great popularity among bettors. 

The bookmaker proposes various options for punters, among which there is soccer betting. In this guide, we will provide you with top betting markets for this kind of sport as well as step-by-step instructions on how to bet live soccer games on Hollywoodbets. 

Top betting markets and odds for soccer

Sportsbook proposes various betting options for punters. There are quite a few betting markets available there. Here are the most popular ones:

  • 1×2 bets. This market is also called outcomes because bettors are supposed to predict which team will win the soccer match. 1 – the victory of Team A, 2 – the victory of Team B, x – draw. 
  • Draw no punts. In this case, bettors only make punts on the first team to win or the second. The draw does not count in this betting market. 
  • Double chance. Bettors may also bet on two scenarios: 1X – the first team’s victory and draw. The bet will be successful if a selected team wins the soccer game or ends in a draw. For the punt to lose, the second team should win the match. A bet 2X will mean the same, but only concerning the second team. So, a draw or the victory of the second team will mean that the bet wins. 
  • Both teams to score. In this kind of punt, bettors do not need to predict the winner of the match. All they need to do is to forecast whether the teams will score a goal over the game or not. 
  • Handicaps. This is a betting market that allows bettors to play safe. When there is a visible dominance of one team in the match, the bookmaker tries to equal both teams’ chances by adding a handicap. A positive handicap means that the bookie assigns points to the weaker team. A negative handicap means the sportsbook gets a score at the start, -1, for example. 
  • Totals (over/under). With this type of bet, punters are supposed to predict the sum of certain events in the match. These could be goals, penalties, corners etc. Also, they may try to predict whether the number of those events will exceed the value established by the bookie (over) or whether it will be below the predicted value (under). 
  • Correct score. Bettors may also try to guess the correct score with which the match will end. However, it is a more advanced betting market that requires some background knowledge of statistical data. 

So, as you can see, Hollywoodbets South Africa proposes quite a few betting options to choose from. Some of them are simpler than other ones. Thus, bettors may choose the best market for themselves in which they feel confident. 

The betting site gives punters a chance to choose whether they want to place bets in the prematch mode before the game starts or in live mode in the course of it. Betting odds are also crucial to pay attention to for bettors because they will show how much they will be able to win out of wagering on a specific match. They may change depending on various factors such as mode of betting, changes in squads, injuries, etc. 

The bookmaker also gives bettors the possibility to use a special bet builder and combine several types of sports bets into one accumulator. Complex Hollywood bets allow them to get higher odds because they are multiplied. So, bettors may win more money eventually. 

What is special about live soccer betting?

Hollywoodbets sports wagering platform also allows punters to make predictions in live mode. It means that they may watch the match and place bets simultaneously. It allows them to analyse the game and make more precise forecasts.

What is more, betting odds may sometimes be higher than in prematch mode, which gives a chance of higher profit. The reasons why odds change may be different. Here are some of them: the active advancement of one team, a sudden change in the situation on the field, injury of a key player, change in weather conditions, etc. The bookmaker allows punters to place bets on their smartphones thanks to a special Hollywoodbets mobile application. 

How to place a bet on soccer on Hollywoodbets?

If you want to find out how to bet on soccer on Hollywoodbets online, here are step-by-step instructions on how to do that:

  • Open an online sports betting website.
  • Then you should log into your Hollywoodbets account or create it if you do not have one. 
  • Click on the section “Soccer” there.
  • Then you should select the country on the tournaments you want to make your Hollywood bet. 
  • Afterwards, you should select the sports event you want to wager on. For instance, the English premier league, World Cup or any other tournament.
  • Then there will appear all the betting markets you may wager on with this event. 
  • Pick your kind of bet and enter the amount of money you want to place.
  • Submit your choice and wait for the results. 

Top points to consider when doing live betting on soccer on Hollywoodbets

If you want to achieve success in making live bets on soccer, here are some tips that you should keep in mind while wagering:

  • Do not make bets using your emotions and personal feelings. You should make your predictions based on a thorough analysis of the results of previous matches, statistics, etc. 
  • Make live bets on goals around the middle of the match’s second half. The bookmaker usually proposes high odds then. 
  • Place a live punt on the favourite if it loses a goal. In the prematch mode, the odds at the favourite are usually low, but they may increase significantly if it concedes first because then this team will try its best to win. 
  • Monitor the betting odds all the time. They constantly change the match, so you should grasp the right moment to make your prediction at high odds. 
  • Make use of the free bet. Hollywoodbets often give bettors real-time rewards such as free soccer bets that grant them the possibility to make predictions for bonus funds without losing their own money. It is beneficial, and bettors should not miss such an opportunity. 
  • Place a bet on the goal in the last minutes. By the end of the match, teams get tired, lose concentration and tend to make mistakes. That is why if there is a game with a score of 0-0 by the 75th minute, there is a likelihood of a goal in the remaining time. 


Hollywoodbets is a great platform for betting on soccer legally. It proposes many different betting markets to choose from. Moreover, the betting platform also gives a chance to wager in prematch or live mode. So, the only thing punters should do to start placing bets on soccer matches and cash out their winnings is to create an account on the platform. 

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