How To Apply For FCMB FastCash Loan On Your Phone- USSD Code

The FastCash loan is a quick, paperless personal fast lending solution that is offered to both existing and new FCMB customers. It does not need collateral and is available to both salaried and non-salaried consumers.

FastCash is similar to the bank’s other innovative lending products, such as Salary Plus. The Salary Plus Loan is a consumer loan scheme provided to anyone who have a salary account. Qualified FCMB customers can use this plan to get short- or medium-term money before their paychecks to cover essential expenses like school tuition for their children.

FastCash loan is easy to access and also convenient, doesn’t require any collateral.

How do you qualify for FCMB fastCash Loan?

Currently, this offer is only available to FCMB customers.

Non-FCMB customers can access the loan by opening an account on the FCMB New Mobile, Account Opening Portal, or by dialing *329#. Since its launch in 2018, over 2.7 million loans have been disbursed through the FastCash platform.

What are the features and benefits of FCMB fast cash?

Some of the features and benefits of FCMB Fast Cash includes:

  1. It grants you instant access to funds.
  2. Fast cash is very convenient because it does not require any paperwork. Just dial, *329*11#
  3. Also, you can apply for it as many times as you want
  4. Lastly, you get a 3 months replacement cycle

What are the requirements to get an FCMB fast cash loan?

To get an FCMB fast cash loan,  you must meet the following requirements:

  1. You must apply for an FCMB fast cash loan to solve an urgent financial need.
  2. FCMB must grant you access to fast cash services.
  3. The loan will be paid directly to your current or savings account with FCMB. However, non-FCMB customers must use their salary account.

Basically, this sums up the basic requirements to get a fast cash loan. However, to read a more comprehensive information, refer back to their website,

2. Salary Plus Loan

This is a customer credit scheme solely for salary earners who have an FCMB account. Through salary plus, loan qualified FCMB customers can get funding before they receive their salaries.

What are the requirements to get an FCMB salary plus loan?

To obtain a salary plus loan, you must provide your salary account. Also,  you must provide consistent receipts of your salary for at least six months with a referral to your employer.

3. Premium Salary Loan

This loan scheme caters to verified staff of commercial organizations. However, the organization has to be rated on Moody’s with at least a BB range. Also, interested participants have to be eligible for at least a loan of N2,000,000

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