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WOO Network Launches Its First Crypto Meetup In Nigeria

WOO Network, an international crypto trading platform on Friday launched its first Crypto Meetup in Lagos to connect crypto traders and build a sense of community.

The meetup, which was held at NECA House, Ikeja drew speakers, crypto traders and enthusiasts, stock traders, and crypto trading platforms to discuss the challenges and investment opportunities in the crypto market with a keen focus on how crypto traders can leverage the system of centralized finance (CeFi), decentralized finance (DeFi) and innovative technology.

WOO Network, through its first meetup, enabled crypto traders to intermingle, build a community and to foster deeper liquidity for various cryptocurrency market participants. Also, to introduce their service, which include WOO Network’s centralized exchange (CEX) WOO X, DeFi-related offerings under the umbrella brand WOOFi, and WOO DEX a liquidity pool for institutional clients.

By utilizing blockchain technologies, the network’s infrastructure provides traders, exchanges, institutions and DeFi platforms access to greater market liquidity and faster trading execution at zero or low cost.

Chris Abuah, Social media manager, WOO Nigeria stated that WOO Network plans to expand its reach and connection with the crypto community in Nigeria, “WOO Network is seven months in Nigeria, and we are seeking community growth, partnership, and a strong network where crypto traders, individual can grow and leverage our services.”

Abuah reiterated that WOO Network was keen on community building as crypto is still finding a spot in the finance world that has policies in place to stifle the growth of cryptocurrency trading. WOO Network offers its platform as a channel to enable individuals to grow and network.

Addressing the theme, The Next Market Cycle, Umeh MaryJane C, Brand Strategist Women In Tech highlighted the causes of Bull and Bear Market while planning on developing a strategy for the next market cycle, “The Bull and Bear Market represents high and falls on the market. The Fall, which is the bear market can be caused by economic crises and political crises; these are the determinant for a prolonged bear market,” she said.

Umeh further added that crypto natives need to gain more expertise beyond crypto trading as it does not give crypto traders the edge in the labour market, saying the labour market is more focused on the other skills that are beneficiary for a brand or company growth.

Deborah Ojengbede, CEO of AFEN stated that COVID-19 changed a lot on physical transactions which gave the channel for new technological payment but also policies, “There’s a lot of money in circulation which gave way for inflation. However, web3 is the future. These new technologies will be the future of finance and the tech industry.”

As WOO Network’s liquidity continues growing in the DeFi and CeFi space, WOO token’s utility also expands. Its mix of a veteran team, support from industry leaders like Binance, and a suite of essential products have helped create its position in the industry today. To continue this growth, WOO Network also plans to expand its extensive list of products, features, and partnerships.


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