Why DSTV Halted Its Operations In Malawi

Why DSTV Halted Its Operations In Malawi

Digital Satellite Television (DSTV) a broadcast satellite service owned by MultiChoice has halted its services and operations in Malawai as at August 8, 2023.

BizWatch Nigeria reports that DSTV is discontinuing its service in Malawi following a price increase dispute with the country’s communications regulator.

On August 8, 2023, DStv Malawi informed subscribers to stop paying payments and that all existing subscribers in the country would be disconnected within 30 days or less. This follows an ongoing dispute in the country over subscription costs, with Malawi’s regulator effectively stopping price rises for August.

In a document obtained by BizWatch Nigeria, Multichoice said, the discontinuation of its services, “follows the injunction issued by the High Court in Lilongwe in a matter between MultiChoice Malawi (MCM) and the Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA) prohibiting an adjustment to the DStv tariffs.

“MCM does not offer the DStv service to the public and therefore cannot set or adjust tariffs for this service, a point repeatedly made to MACRA.

“As a result, the order handed down to MCM is incapable of being implemented by them but carries with it grave consequences for the directors and management of MultiChoice Malawi, including imprisonment. MAH given the impact on its supplier (MCM) and an increasingly adverse regulatory environment is therefore left with no option but to terminate the DStv service indefinitely.

“Customers are hereby, and with immediate effect, requested to halt payment for the DStv service. Customers who have already paid their new subscription for the DStv service will have those services honored until the current 30 day viewing cycle ends on or before 10 September 2023. From Wednesday, 9 August 2023, no new subscriptions or reconnections will be accepted.

“MAH would like to thank customers for their support over many years. MAH would also like to thank MCM for their professional conduct in supplying services to MAH over as many years.”


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