Visa Ban Reversal: Nigerians Eligible For Green Cards After Policy Change By Biden

Visa Ban Reversal: Nigerians Can Now Get Green Cards In US After Biden's Reversal

A few hours into his presidency US President Joe Biden has lifted the ban placed on Nigerians by ex-President Donald Trump, the reversal will make it possible for Nigerians to obtain green cards.

Biden, according to Bloomberg, also overturned the ban placed on Yemen and other largely Muslim countries.

Giving a reason for placing a ban on Nigerians, Trump stated a lack of database by the Nigerian Government.

Adding to Trump’s words, the US ambassador to Nigeria, Mary-Beth Leonard, said that in its bid to conduct a proper investigation Nigerians looking to visit the US, there was no sufficient database to aid such process.

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This spurred the Nigerian Government into establishing the Citizen Data Management and Harmonisation, and is also the reason for the call to all Nigerians to enrol for a National Identity Number.

Nigerians and many other countries affected will now be able to get immigration visas.

According to Bloomberg, “The ban that Biden ended, blocked entry to most people from Iran, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, and North Korea. It also restricted immigrant visas for people from Nigeria, Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar, and Eritrea as well as for certain others from Venezuela and Tanzania.”

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