US Diversity Visa Lottery 2021/2022: How To Apply

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Nigerians can now apply for the US Diversity Visa Lottery (DV-2021/2022) program, as stated by the US State Department.

You can either apply, as a new applicant, or check your application status if you have applied.

In this post, you will be guided on how to apply for the US Visa Lottery program for the 2021/2022 batch.

Immigrants are selected at random by the US State Department yearly. These selections are based on the available visas for each country or region.

You can only apply for the program within the application timeline. Any application sent through the US Postal Service will be rejected.

Individuals Eligible To Apply For The US Diversity Visa Lottery 2021/2022

Applicants need to be natives of approved countries eligible for application into the program.

Although, there are other means through which nationals of countries not eligible can apply.

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If you have a partner (married) who is from one of the eligible countries, then you can apply under your spouse’s place of origin. This can only hold if you and your spouse are applying for the program and are deemed eligible for diversity visas.

If any of your parents were born in any of the countries whose nationals are eligible but you weren’t, you can claim their birthplace. This is a claim of descent.

Other Requirements

As an applicant, you would need to fulfill the educational requirement, which is a 12-year course of formal elementary and secondary schooling.

If you do not have the above, you could present a two-year work experience within the past five years in a workplace that would require you to take a two-year training course.

The Selection Process

Applicants must go through the Entrant Status Check. On that site, you will be asked for a unique confirmation number generated from your online entry registration to determine if you have been chosen or not.

If you are chosen, you will be taken to a confirmation page that will detail fees that link to the immigration to the US.

The only way you, as an applicant, will be notified of your selection for the DV-2021/2022 lottery program is through the Entrant Status Check.

Know that you will not be notified by email by the US Department of State. You will also not be provided with a list of selected applicants by the US Embassy and consulate.

If you are not selected for the program, you will get a notification. You are advised to always check the Entrant Status Check for confirmation.

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