Unqualified Estate Developers Are Causing Building Collapse – APBN

According to the Akin Oyegbola, president of the Association of Professional Bodies of Nigeria (APBN) at a news conference, the prevalence of building collapses has been mostly caused by the substitution of unqualified estate developers for quacks and charlatans.

Oyegbola added that the rising number of buildings collapsing nationally and the resulting loss of life, property, and valuables worry the organisation and instil dread in the populace.

Oyegbola urged the relevant government agencies to take on the problem and stop the threat.

According to him, Nigeria had gradually become infamous for incessant building collapse, with cases recorded in Lagos, Abuja and Kano recently.

He said, “You call somebody a quack when he pretends to be what he is not in any profession. If I say I’m a doctor when I’m not a doctor, I’m a quack.

“If you choose to use whoever for a particular service, and he never told you that he has any knowledge of that particular profession, then you did employ a quack.

“We are saying that the contractors don’t use us. If they use us and allow us to dispense our expertise the way we are supposed to, then we won’t have problems. A quack remains a quack. It is the original that gives rise to the fake.”

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