Undergraduates And Freelancing During ASUU Strike


Many Undergraduates have received the news about the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) strike extension with a heavy heart. Likewise, parents and guardians continually worry about their wards’ academic growth.

According to the announcement made by the ASUU chairman, the strike was to run for a month. Many Nigerians hoped ASUU wouldn’t extend the strike; however, It’s been barely a month, and the strike has been further extended by additional two months.

That certainly would affect the academic scheme and growth, as Undergraduates are forced to return home and wait for further news.

Nevertheless, the sky isn’t completely bleak for undergraduates as there are ways to continue growing and accumulating profits. It only takes keen eyes to see that Undergraduates can do jobs at home and even in school if fitted well into their schedules.

Undergraduates and Freelance works

Society has subconsciously asked undergraduates that they have not answered yet. What does a student have to offer in a competitive labour market? How can a student make a difference in the work?

Also, there are questions Undergraduates have asked themselves. Isn’t a student’s work to go to class, learn, and graduate? What can I do to make a difference? I want to earn money and still go to school. How?

These are just a few of the questions. There are answers to them, but it takes effort and skill to answer them. Words don’t do justice to the answer, but when the effort is profitable, then the questions are answered.

In 2021, the unemployment rate in Nigeria was 7.96%, which hindered youths from achieving their dreams. Not only is the labour market flooded with capable youths, but the standards required for getting a job are tipping the scales of ridiculousness.

A fresh graduate is expected to have two years or more experience in an entry-level role, which is impossible as undergraduates are meant to go to school to study. Getting a job similar to finding a needle in a haystack.

The need to find an alternative to put undergraduates into the labour market and build their portfolios is paramount. Freelancing plays a key role in arming undergraduates with the right weaponry to challenge the gory market.

What is freelancing, or who is a freelancer?

A freelancer is an individual who earns per-job or per-task, usually for a short-term period. A freelancer is not an employee of a firm. Therefore, they have the liberty to do other jobs concurrently. Further definition visit, https://www.investopedia.com/terms/f/freelancer.asp.

Freelancing means working independently rather than for a company. Undergraduates can build their skills CVs and increase their income before graduation.

Why should I freelance?

Why should I freelance as an undergraduate?

It is a harsh reality that the job market is no longer nice to graduates. 90% of employers want job seekers with work experience, according to a survey. That put fresh graduates at a disadvantage.

Employers want jobs seekers who possess the hard and soft skills required for a successful job and do not have to spend much aside from paying the worker’s basic salary.

Unlike academics that teach mostly theories, you acquire the necessary skill and experience when freelancing.

 If that is not convincing enough, a list of benefits should break the iceberg. Freelance work is highly suitable for undergraduates as it is very lucrative and has some benefits.

  • Doesn’t require daily movement
  • Give Undergraduates time to make money on the side while still staying at home
  • It is a globally accepted occupation
  • Good for CV
  • Profitable
  • Build skills
  • Open career opportunities
  • Develop labour market savvy skill
  • You choose your craft
  • Do what you love.

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