Twitter Ban Not Best Solution – French Envoy

Twitter Rolls Out Feature That Allows Users Monetise Tweets

The French Ambassador to Nigeria, Jerome Pasquier, says the banning of Twitter by the Nigerian government is not the best solution to resolving social media menace.

He said this while speaking on the sidelines of a programme held to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the French Institute for Research in Africa in Nigeria on Friday.

Pasquier said France was not in support of the banning of Twitter by the Federal Government of Nigeria.

The ambassador pointed out that the ban would affect the means of livelihoods of a large number of youths who were earning their living through social media platforms like Twitter and others.

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The envoy said, “The EU delegation issued a communique and France is part of the EU. Of course, we share their view and the concern has been expressed. After that, I don’t want to go into it because it is Nigeria’s domestic issue and it is up to Nigerian people to say what they think about it.

“I am a bit concerned because I understand there are a plenty of young people in Nigeria creating business activities, using this type of tools, Twitter, and it is very important for them to be able to continue to earn their living.

“I hope the government will find a solution. All countries have some questions about social media and nobody has really found yet the right solution; banning is obviously not the best solution.”

The acting Director of the Institute of African Studies, Dr Senayon Olaoluwa, identified paucity of fund as one of the major problems to digitising humanities in Africa.

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