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Top 7 Things To Take Away From Peter Obi’s Speech

2023 Election: We Need To Restructuring - Peter Obi

Nigerians who “trooped out in masse” during the Presidential and National Assembly elections last Saturday were referred to as the “shining lights leading to a New Nigeria” by Mr. Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s presidential candidate.

A New Nigeria is “in fact achievable,” according to Obi, who observed that Nigerians’ dedication and tenacity in the face of “unwarranted and savage attacks” is proof of that.

These were said by the former governor of Anambra at a news conference he gave throughout the world in response to the presidential election on Saturday. The news conference, he said, was also intended to let the public know that he was speaking for the first time since the election.

He noted that last Saturday’s election would go down as “one of the most controversial elections ever conducted in Nigeria,” adding that the good and hardworking people of Nigeria had again been “robbed by the institutions and leaders whom they trusted.”

He said, “Let me also appreciate and thank all Nigerians that participated in our last election, especially those who believed and tirelessly worked for a New Nigeria and voted for us. My profound thanks go to the youths, ‘Obidients’ and support groups for your commitment and resilience for a better Nigeria. You truly showed that you can take back your country!

“The lady, Jennifer Efidi, who was stabbed but insisted on exercising her right to vote and indeed all Nigerians who voted during the election are the shinning stars leading us to a New Nigeria!

“The election has been conducted and results announced as programmed. It is a clear deviation from the electoral rules and guidelines as we were promised and did not meet the minimum criteria of a free, transparent, credible and fair election devoid of voter intimidation and suppression, and late commencement of voting in some specific states.”

Below are the top seven things that you can takeaway from Peter Obi’s speech:

  1. We will demonstrate that we won the election.
  2. Peace cannot be constructed on a weak foundation.
  3. I won’t be leaving; I’ll stay at your side till dawn.
  4. I have not phoned anyone for help and I am contesting the procedure.
  5. When the truth comes out, the corrupt structure will be present to witness and acknowledge it.
  6. You must first go through an excellent procedure if you wish to be addressed as Your Excellency.
  7. Despite whatever distance, I’ll accompany you and the outcome will be in our favour.


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