Top 7 Countries To Get Citizenship By Investment

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A particular amount of financial investment, the creation of jobs, the purchase of real estate, or the launch of a business are all required for citizenship by investment. One of the main benefits of this strategy is that you may use it from the comfort of your own home without having to pass any language examinations.

45 nations grant visa-free travel or visa on arrival to citizens of Nigeria. This nation’s passport is placed 103 out of 116 governments, placing it with rising nations like Ghana, Liberia, and Guinea. There are 182 other places where nationals of the government must get a physical visa, aside from those Nigeria free 45 nations.

Citizenship-by- Although the idea of investing is not new, it has gained popularity recently. Particularly in these trying times, alternate citizenship is becoming more and more popular. In exchange for making substantial contributions to the culture, economics, and society, several nations provide their own variations of second citizenship, which grants investors immediate nationality.

Here are the best 7 nations offer Citizenship by Investment schemes:

The United States Of America

The easiest route to obtaining a US green card for you and your family right now is through the oldest and most well-established program, the EB-5 investment visa. Investment in government-approved projects around the USA provides permanent US residence. With a green card from the USA, you may live, work, start a business, and retire anywhere in the country. Additionally, it grants you access to the top-notch healthcare and education systems in the USA. You, your spouse, and all dependents under 21 will receive a green card under the EB-5 program in around 18 months.

There are two methods for obtaining an EB-5 visa. The first option involves a minimum commitment of USD 1.8 million and is an active investment. This has to be done into a new or existing business that was established after November 1990. Or you can make a minimum investment of USD 900,000 into regional centre in a targeted employment area (TEA).


There are not many conditions for investors to qualify for the EB-5 visa. No particular education, experience, training, abilities, or language proficiency is required.

Only 10,000 EB-5 visas are awarded annually globally. Because the application is intricate, it’s crucial to get the advice of a professional at each stage of the procedure.


The Golden Visa Permit Programme, which was introduced by the Portuguese government in 2012 to promote investment in Portugal, provides a real estate investment path to residency and maybe citizenship. It grants you the freedom to travel without a visa within the European Schengen Area as well as the ability to reside and work in Portugal.

Holders of a Portuguese Golden Visa are given a temporary two-year residency visa. The validity of a visa is renewed every two years, and after five years you can apply for citizenship and permanent residency. The Portugal Golden Visa Program provides a quick and easy route to becoming established in Europe.

Types of Investment

The first is a EUR 1 million capital investment. This can be done by depositing money into a bank account in Portugal, buying Portuguese stocks or bonds, or making an investment in a business.

The second is a EUR 500 000 investment in Portuguese real estate. Both residential and commercial properties have the potential to generate money through rental. The minimum investment of EUR 500,000 can be spread over any number of properties. Investors who purchase a home jointly may pool their funds.

The third option allows you to invest in real estate for less than EUR 350,000, but the property you choose must be at least 30 years old and situated in an area undergoing urban renewal.

The fourth involves making a financial investment of 350,000 euros into a Portuguese private equity fund that finances small businesses.

The sixth and least preferred method up to this point is starting a firm that adds 10 employment for Portuguese nationals. To qualify for this path, you must hire at least 10 people at the minimum salary, and each one of them must contribute to social security. For a period of five years, both your investment and your visa must be maintained.

Requirements of Portugal’s Golden Visa

The flexible residence conditions of the Golden Visa are another advantage. In each two-year term, you simply need to be present in Portugal for 14 days. Year 1 and Year 2 each have 14 days, Year 3 and Year 4 have 14 days, and Year 5 and Year 6 have 14 days.


Grenada is located in the southernmost point of the Caribbean Windward Islands. Grenada is a popular choice for investors and a perfect tourist destination because to its stunning seafront and perfect temperature. Grenada’s citizenship by investment scheme, which was established in 2013, offers a robust passport with access to the UK and EU and citizenship in less than six months.

You have two investment alternatives if you want to become a citizen of Grenada.

1. Buying real estate

A 220,000 USD property acquisition from a development that has received government approval. For the primary applicant and up to three dependents, there is a government charge of USD $50,000. The cost for any extra dependents is USD $25,000. Before you may sell, you must have owned the property for at least five years.

2. Making a gift

Another choice to think about is making a one-time gift to the National Transformation Fund of at least USD 150,000 for a single application (NTF). This fund was established by the government to advance Grenada’s economy.


For investors seeking mobility, security, and a higher standard of living, Montenegro is a top choice.There are more opportunities for growth and development in the country than only because of its stunning natural environment. 

Due to its recent independence and strategic location, Montenegro has one of the fastest growing economies in the Balkans and has become a hub for some of the most significant global companies. One of the most economical programs in Europe is the Citizenship Investment Program for Montenegro.

You are expected to provide $100,000 to a government fund as part of your commitment. You must also make investments in government-approved real estate projects in the nation in addition to this gift. The locations of the chosen projects determine which of two investment levels to use. In the north of the nation, in an undeveloped area, you can invest EUR 250,000; in the south, in Podgorica, or in a developed area, you can invest EUR 450,000.

Despite being physically located in Europe, Montenegro is not yet a member of the EU. However, Montenegro is at the top of the list for EU admittance, and while it is not certain, there is a good chance that it will. Passport holders from Montenegro may currently travel visa-free to more than 125 nations, including the Schengen region.


One of the most exclusive citizenship by investment alternatives globally is the Malta Individual Investor Programme (MIIP). With the help of this program, investors may get citizenship in one of the EU’s and the Eurozone’s most stable economies.

How to invest in Maltese citizenship

The new MIIP, which will be introduced soon, contains a few modifications, one of which is that an individual investor must contribute at least EUR 750,000 (for the primary application) to the National Development Fund in order to become a citizen after 12 months.

A spouse and any minor children must additionally donate EUR 25,000 to the Development Fund on their behalf. Dependent parents over 55 and dependent adult children up to the age of 26 may also be included, although each will require a contribution of an extra EUR 50,000.

Additionally, you need to commit to residing in Malta. By leasing or buying real estate for at least five years, you may demonstrate this. If you make an investment by acquiring real estate, the value of the purchased real estate needs to be a minimum of EUR 700,000. For rental it is a commitment of EUR 18,000 annually.

Under the new scheme, a charitable commitment of 10,000 EUR will be required. Before moving further with their citizenship application, clients must successfully complete a due diligence evaluation.


Cyprus is located in the center of the Mediterranean Sea, where Europe, Africa, and Asia converge. For people who often work and travel inside the European Union, this is the perfect place to live.

The Cyprus Investment Programme accepts applications from both individuals and groups of organizations. All candidates for economic citizenship must buy a home worth at least EUR500,000 that will be retained for an extended period of time. Next, you must select one of the four investment alternatives listed below:

1. Establishing or buying a Cypriot business for at least EUR 2 million. You must provide five jobs as a result of this for EU or Cypriot people.

2. Making a EUR 2 million investment in hedge funds (AIFs).

3. Buying assets worth EUR 2 million, such as structures, undeveloped land, or infrastructure. This might be either commercial or residential real estate. Candidates who choose this option are not required to spend an additional EUR 500,000 in residential real estate, but this EUR 2 million property portfolio must contain a minimum of EUR 500,000 in residential real estate.

4. You may also choose to combine the aforementioned alternatives, provided that the total is at least EUR 2 million, of which up to EUR 500,000 may be invested in government bonds.

All CIS investors must also provide a non-refundable gift of EUR 200,000 to the Cypriot government, which will support the Research and Innovation Foundation and the Cyprus Land Development Corporation in addition to the aforementioned investment alternatives.

Antigua and Barbuda 

Antigua and Barbuda is the ideal vacation and retirement location due to its abundant beaches and year-round sunlight. Get citizenship for life in this Caribbean paradise by making a financial contribution or by purchasing real estate.

In Antigua and Barbuda, you can become a citizen in one of four ways:

1. You can donate money to the National Development Fund, a nonprofit organization. A gift of USD 100,000 is required for a family of four, and USD 125,000 is required for a family of five or more.

2. A minimum investment in real estate is $200,000 USD. A minimum of five years must pass after purchasing real estate.

3. You can finance a company. The Cabinet of Antigua and Barbuda must first authorize the venture, and a minimum investment of USD 1.5 million is needed from a person in a venture.

4. The University of the West Indies Fund is an investment option. Only families with at least six members and it entitles one member of the family to one year tuition at the university. To be eligible for this, the minimum investment amount must be USD 150,000.

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