Tony Elumelu Attributes His Career Success To Luck

Tony Elumelu Attributes His Career Success To Luck

Renowned billionaire, Tony Elumelu has attributed his career success to luck, as he stated that everything he has become today was based on that.

Elumelu made this submission in a series of tweets on Monday, November 28, 2022, as he explained why everyone needs luck more than anything to excel at what they do.

“Let me be clear: Luck is important, but it is not a substitute for hard work or labor. Luck is a part of the cocktail that you need for success.

“There are two ingredients for luck -hard work and passion. The more work you put into something and the more passion you apply, the “luckier” you will find yourself.

“You have to work hard, and be passionate and committed about what you do, to be successful and make your own luck.

“Hardwork and passion are within your power and control, and you should apply them to earn your own luck and to help us foster a better and more prosperous world,” the tweets read.

Meanwhile, Elumelu recently spoke about climate change, as he charged private sector players to be more accountable.

“I think that first there is a realisation that there is a need to transition that to me is a positive development. Some people did not believe in covid but now people agree that climate change is real. But how are different countries responding to it that is a function of resources available to those countries? Let me tell you what we do at the Tony Elumelu Foundation.

“The Tony Elumelu Foundation supports young entrepreneurs to grow. We had a long retreat on this and we came up with the conclusion that people that cause this climate disaster are the private sector to a large extent so we need to instill a new way of doing things to the private sector, let’s capture them young let us cultivate in their mind the need to be more climate-focused. So we can sustain it. So what we try to do is introduce in the curriculum that climate consciousness. We need a secure climate feature for all of us. In everything you do, your business let them be businesses sensitive to climate issues. So I think for me the climate challenge does not call for blame as a world we have blamed one another for too long. It is so easy to blame the government or less developed countries. Our focus should be on what can every one of us do.

“As the private sector we should be more responsible we should encourage the government and find ways to deal with existential crises. If you see what I am saying you would understand. So let’s come together and put resources together and do something. To me the window is closing fast on us the time to act is now if we don’t act now we are putting our future and our children’s future at stake,” he added.

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