Failure Is Never A Bad Thing – Adeolu Akinyemi Sends Word Out To Entrepreneurs

“Failure is never a bad thing. It’s a necessary bus stop on the journey of success. In Ubuntu culture, the person who falls into a ditch should not conceal the reason for his or her fall. Everyone that falls needs to become teachers to the next generation of venturers”

The launch of Dear Entrepreneur, the much-awaited book from serial entrepreneur and CEO of A2W Group, Adeolu Akinyemi, is set for Saturday, December 3rd, 2022.

Promising to welcome high-profile guests and entrepreneurs, the goal of the event is to allow people to see that failure is something that we need to celebrate more because it is critical to success.

The biggest fear that holds people back from venturing is the fear of failure. Failure is stigmatized by our educational system, and few realize the positive power of failure in living, family life and running enterprises.

According to the author, “Entrepreneurs should talk about their challenges and the struggles they face and must not avoid discussing failure points. We should all be proud of our stories, both the ones that show our strengths and victories and the ones that don’t.

Many of us just see people struggle for years and arrive at success, and it is the success that we typically want to emulate. “Dear Entrepreneur” gives a fuller picture of what the journey is all about and how success really comes from failure and never giving up.”

The launch seeks to promote this ideal, and some of the guests, who are successful in their various ventures, will also be given slots to share their failure stories so everyone can learn from the challenges they faced.

Indeed, the failures that we have encountered are our rags, while our successful ventures are our clothes. Failures are markers of our duration in the game.

Adeolu Akinyemi said in a statement that the public will learn about the idea of “upgrading your adversity quotient” at the launch.

“If you fail in adversity, your strength is small. The true measure of our values, strength and character is not what we do when things are going smooth, it’s how we handle the challenges, the problems, and the seasons of crisis.

Upgrading your adversity quotient is about growing your capacity to respond to what will certainly come – Adversity. Failure by it’s very nature, will teach you more lessons than success will because you learn what works and what doesn’t; it makes you ask the right questions so you can embrace the future with more confidence,” he added.

The 460 paged publication is a compendium of failure stories, failure lessons, and the key concepts and skills for rising increasingly despite adversity.

The guests are expected to arrive at the Event Hall for 2 p.m. and will start with the red-carpet interviews.

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