Tips On Managing Success and Set-backs

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One of the ways to continuously stay relevant in your work, business and life is to be able to manage successes and setbacks. The truth about life is at that different times we will all experience some measures of success and some measures of failure.

Effective people manage successes and failures properly by paying attention to the following:

#1: Re-define What Success Means:

Some people have defined success too narrowly as meaning the achievement of specific targets or reaching specific destinations in life. Because life is transient, this kind of narrow definition can lead to despair either when you don’t reach that destination or when having achieved the goal, you end up losing it. Think of success rather as a voyage or a process – it is really about getting a chance each day to go closer to your goals.

#2: Learn From Your Successes and Failures:

When we do experience successes and failures we must learn how to replicate our success and how to avoid our failures. Success in one area of life can be transferred to other areas by applying the things you did to succeed in those other areas.

Stay HUMBLE when things are going fine, especially when we are really doing well, and learn to FAIL FORWARD when we experience setbacks, i.e. pick yourself back up, learn from your mistakes, and commit yourself to making improvements.

#3: Build Resilience:

Difficult times do not last forever, so one important capability that successful people have is their ability to persevere and survive no matter how difficult the situation is. Perseverance also means that you should never compromise or give up on your strongly held values and principles because you are going through tough times. It’s difficult, but it is also possible and well worth it.

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