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Securing Your Children or Ward’s Future Through Stanbic IBTC Education Trust

Securing Your Children or Ward’s Future Through Stanbic IBTC Education Trust

Quality education is one of the pillars required to build a secure future for our children and wards. Despite it being the primary responsibility of parents and guardians to provide a sound education for their children and wards, inadequate finance sometimes presents a challenge to its achievement. 

With the Stanbic IBTC “Education Trust” (SET) scheme, a product of Stanbic IBTC Trustees Limited, the story is different. SET is a convenient and flexible investment plan with long term benefits, designed to support parents and guardians as you strive to provide quality education for your children and wards.

The future may hold uncertainties but SET covers up for unforeseen events by helping to prepare for difficult times so that the education of your children and wards is not negatively impacted. 

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Your funds are invested in conservative instruments, and the Education Trust is created professionally and administered by a Corporate Trustee. This offers a chance for your children and wards to enjoy access to quality education, regardless of any adverse circumstance. Payment of school fees is guaranteed as the Trustee pays directly to the school(s) thereby helping to avoid any diversion of the funds. 

You can also nominate SET as a Beneficiary for your insurance policies to cushion the effect of permanent disability or other eventualities on your children or wards. 

Parents and guardians attest to the benefits of proper planning and investing in Education Trusts like SET with the primary objective of ensuring that the education of their children and wards continues to the desired level. You can also take that wise step today and SET up your children and wards for a secure future. 

For details on how to open a Stanbic IBTC Education Trust for your children or wards, please send an email to [email protected] or visit our website www.stanbicibtctrustees.com for more information.

Follow us on social media @stanbicibtc to learn more about the solutions we have to support your financial growth. 


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