SEC To Strengthening Confidence in Nigeria’s Capital Market at CMC Meeting

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The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of Nigeria gears up for a significant stride in market fortification as it announces the forthcoming virtual Capital Market Committee (CMC) meeting for the first quarter of 2024.

Set to unfold on Thursday, April 18, the session aims to delve into critical challenges and spearhead strategic initiatives poised to elevate the Nigerian capital market to greater heights.

Revealed to journalists on Monday, SEC underlined the meeting’s pivotal focus on addressing pressing market issues comprehensively, ensuring a robust and resilient market framework.

Moreover, the gathering promises updates on notable achievements across various technical committees, spanning the Commodities Ecosystem Implementation Committee, E-Dividend and Direct Cash Settlement, Financial Literacy, and the Non-interest Capital Market Financial Literacy Technical Committee.

As a cornerstone of industry collaboration, the CMC amalgamates the SEC, capital market operators, trade groups, and other stakeholders. It acts as an instrumental platform for dialogue, fostering idea exchange, tackling pivotal growth hurdles, and jointly steering the market’s trajectory.

Originally conceived to facilitate dialogue and feedback mechanisms for the SEC, the committee has evolved into a dynamic forum for market influencers to shape operational paradigms and regulatory landscapes continually.

Emphasizing the breadth of participation, SEC stated, “The meeting will convene CEOs from all registered capital market firms, including broker/dealers, investment advisers, custodians, fund/portfolio managers, and more.”

In a landscape marked by dynamism and rapid evolution, the SEC’s proactive approach underscores its commitment to fortifying investor confidence and propelling Nigeria’s capital market towards sustained growth and resilience.

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