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SDP’s Presidential Candidate Accuses APC Of Plagiarizing Slogans

SDP's Presidential Candidate Accuses APC Of Plagiarizing Slogans

Prince Adewole Adebayo, the Social Democratic Party’s (SDP) presidential candidate for the 2023 elections, has accused the All Progressives Congress (APC) of plagiarizing slogans.

Bola Tinubu, the APC presidential candidate, unveiled his manifesto on Thursday titled “Renewed Hope 2023,” which sounds similar to MKO Abiola’s SDP campaign slogan “Hope 1993” and the current SDP campaign slogan “Hope Again 2023.”

Adebayo responded to this on Channels Television Politics Today on Friday, saying the APC is borrowing slogans they don’t understand.

“This is them plagiarising and borrowing slogans they don’t understand.

“You could see that they were running on something differently and we running on hope again 2023 and they just saw that maybe ours is fancier and you could see how bipolar they sound when they talk about their programme,” he said.

The SDP candidate stated that his party will not change its slogan because it is the foundation of its promise to Nigerians.

“We will continue to do hope again 2023, that is our slogan and our hope is based on farewell to poverty, insecurity and if you see the copycats you see how they are struggling in front of you denying even that today is Friday and denying the reality.

“So they are like aliens, aliens produce concoctions, that will not distract us, we will face our own.

“When we have our manifesto night, people will see clearly that the parody that now from the other side is far flung from what we have. But basically, what we are saying is exactly what we said 30 years ago that you need to eradicate poverty, people are struggling with the idea of poverty alleviation, amelioration and we say we need to get rid of poverty,” Adebayo said.

The SDP’s flagbearer stated that if elected, his government will build one million houses in each state each year to address housing issues, and that he will accomplish this by combating corruption and stealing in government.

“We need to deal with housing, we will build one million house in every state every year, Jakande did it in Lagos State, Shagari and Dosunmu tried to do it at the federal level, so it that be done, that is easy to do and when people have good housing and good nutrition they won’t be poor again.

“We will finance that by blocking corruption and theft. Remember we the Social Democratic Party were the one that drew attention to the fact that 80 per cent of our crude is being stolen.

“Until then the government were blaming covid, they were blaming international community, global market, recession but we said no, the oil is being stolen, that is why you are not getting the money.

“And when we raised that point for five months then the government started to acknowledge it, now they are magically discovering thing which market women and everybody knows these pipelines are there,” Adebayo added.


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