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Reps Implore CBN To Provide Forex For Foreign Students

The House of Representatives has asked the Central Bank of Nigeria to make a special provision for Nigerian students studying overseas to have access to foreign currencies at the official rates for the payment of their fees. It said this is imperative because parents and guardians of such students had been experiencing difficulties in accessing FOREX.

The House suggested that the CBN could address the needs of the students by creating a desk office charged with the responsibility of collating data on Nigerian students studying abroad.

In a resolution in Abuja, it said the FOREX could be released to the students on a monthly basis to cater for their fees and other allowances. It followed a motion moved by Mr. Musa Sarkin-Adar and 76 other lawmakers.

Leading the debate, Sarkin-Adar stated, “The insufficiency of foreign currencies has made it difficult for Nigerians to freely conduct foreign transactions, especially the payment of school fees and medical bills, as well as exchange of foreign goods and services.”

It enjoined the CBN to appoint some commercial banks for the project and ensure that the list of the beneficiaries was made public periodically.



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