Relief For Abuja Residents, Others, As Fuel Queues Disappear

Fuel Scarcity: Marketers Call Out NNPC, Raise Supply Concerns

There is relief among Abuja residents, and others in neighbouring states, as fuel queues, have started to disappear.

BizWatch Nigeria understands that the fuel scarcity experienced in Abuja since February 2022, has in recent times extended to other parts of the country, leaving many people groaning in agony.

However, on Thursday, July 14, 2022, some filling stations dispensed petrol at rates above the approved N165/litre price, particularly retail outlets located in the suburbs of Abuja.

The filling stations in Abuja dispensed petrol at their own rates, as Khalif retail station in Kubwa, for instance, sold the commodity at N250 per litre to motorists.

Explaining why queues are disappearing in filling stations, the National Public Relations Officer of Independent Petroleum Marketers Association of Nigeria (IPMAN), Chief Ukadike Chinedu said many of its members had returned from the Sallah break to resume business.

More so, the fuel queues on Lagos roads and neighbouring towns in Ogun State were gradually reducing following marketers’ decision to sell petrol above N165 per litre.

This is because while some fuel stations were selling at N200 per litre, others dispensed the product at N185 per litre; some others sold at N165.

A customer who simply gave his name as Ignatius Valentine said he bought at an outlet belonging to the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation around Ikotun-Egbe at N200/litre.

“I bought at N200 per litre in my jerry but the queue is gradually going down. I think they can sell above the normal pump price but let the product be available for use. Most of them have the products but are just waiting for the prices to go up so that they can make more money,” he was quoted as saying.

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