Putting The Extra In Ordinary

Stanbic IBTC Pension Managers Inspires Women To Shape The Future

What makes the ordinary more than it is? It is the additional steps taken to be extra! It is safe to say that putting in the extra effort is what we need to make the extraordinary happen in our personal lives and for our loved ones.

You might ask what the clear steps are in making this happen, and the answer is simple: it is by planning adequately from now. This involves taking intentional steps to equip yourself with skills and knowledge that arm you for the future. Equipping yourself will not only help you gain more knowledge, but it will also guide you in making the right choices, especially where money is concerned.

We often overlook the role investing right plays in our lives, but we can tell you for free that it is paramount to be financially equipped to make smart money decisions now and in the future.

Being financially smart will help you navigate the path on your journey to greatness and having a better life. What makes it all the better is having a support system which for many, could be a spouse, friend, family, or a trusted financial partner like Stanbic IBTC Pension Managers.

The question on your mind right now probably is, how does Stanbic IBTC Pension Managers come into the equation? Let’s start by looking at how Stanbic IBTC constantly creates initiatives such as the Ladies At The Table Empowerment Series (LATTES), which provides women with a safe space to learn how to harness their potential while balancing daily life and staying healthy.

Another initiative amongst many others created by the customer-centric PFA is ‘Retire Fit’, a programme that guides individuals and existing customers on how to stay financially and physically fit.

Beyond the initiatives created by Stanbic IBTC Pension Managers to ensure everyone lives up to their full potential and have the “best” tomorrow, the PFA has a proven track record as the foremost pension administrator in Nigeria, catering to millions across the country.

To ensure they contribute their quota to helping people become more and live their dreams, Stanbic IBTC pension managers launched the ‘Make Extraordinary Happen’ campaign to further drive awareness of the pension scheme as well as its usefulness to everyone who wants to retire well.

There are indeed possibilities that exist when pension contributors team up with the right partner who can help with actualising the extraordinary lives that we dream of, now and at retirement and over 1.9 million Nigerians are already enjoying the commitment, transparency, and sustainable long-term investment returns that Stanbic IBTC Pension Managers offers.

What are you waiting for really? It is time to take that right step to actualise your dreams!

For further inquiries on how you can move to or begin your journey with Stanbic IBTC Pension Managers, you can start by visiting their website www.stanbicibtcpension.com, send an email to pensionsolution@stanbicibtc.com or click here.

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